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I like everything about this channel.I enjoyed watching this video and hopeful some of the tricks and tips shown will help me out in my school work and in my future.Besides buying one is there anything else I can do?Your girl has a pretty decent shitter on her.NOT" They killed u".Rosemary inherited her wicked crazy.The Universe will expand for a very long time, but it will eventually collapse and become a singular point again.

When you cant solve a problem so you

When you cant solve a problem so you

What are they doing with thier life.I'mfrom Cincinnati and that stretch of I-71 looks awfully familiar are you from the Cincinnati area by chance?Aye,I meant Dreev.My "cog" in the American machine will be gone then.Would you like to be YouTube friends?

Excellent video,bra!Please make more chess videos your tips give me so much help thank you!X1X2-p and X1X2q.Only those who are elderly and frail along with those who have a compromised immune system will require hospital care or die.3:38 bishop "F4"3:38.The only thing I would change is building the frame out of square tube.Stored in memory now.Awesome but how can we make so that whenever something like a bullet hits the player the HP bar will go down.

Work is good, but to be honest your title managed to irritate me since it is not an accurate description of what you do, which is just competent woodcarving and not "melting" wood.Great podcast keep up the great work guys!I don't know what to see, the chess or Anna:").I am a composer and whenever i want to be inspired i listen to music like this.Love the videos brother.

Hey Steve, I watched your 7 part series on how to make a chessboard (which looks awesome!Ripping 2x4's with a cordless circular saw is bananas.I'm 5050 on the pieces.Can u give me the link.Any tips on learning that language?1) Always show the game board.)AND:Imade mistake about sizes on 7:10 min.GRABBEEEEEENG MGA TIRA HAHAHAHHAHAAHA DAPAT LANG NA TAWAGIN KA NA THE MAGICIAN.Im researching my genealogical tree and discovered that my paternal grandmother has noble ancestry so i think its question of time until i find my kingqueen ancestor haha great video.Why not put the Holly Hole back Just covering it up?

They talk too much and very fast which makes me concentrate less on the game and want to quit the video.My only critique is the drawer - the rectilinear shape seems incongruous with the organic soft curves of the rest of the desk (sorry for all the $0.To make money doing what you obviously love is a rare and special thing and it shows in your work.I like woodworking.I bet you were proud of that, Brady.but can make your brain work better.

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Shame they didn't show them from both sides... hard to see what's happening from only one perspective.

Nirjon Rn

Vaiya apnar kono Chess Club ache?

achilles zafiris

what a quality at 3:12...

Momi Rasheed

Fantastic very nice


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La mejorpartido

les mercredis on porte du rose

My favorite Try Guys personalities are Emma, Pesto and now Kimbop

Kavitha Ramesh



Alekhine is my favorite player :) And the queen's gambit declined is one of my favorite openings


It’s very cool !I want it!!!


9:28 what if black plays e5?

luke taylor

Good video Titan I teach my guys to use a sub for safe start and another for safe end so like M98P1 safe start M98P2 safe end Both progs the same but P1 leaves table where it is P2 parks table at load position or door. Sub should have all you cancels in even mirror and rotation and G52 X0Y0Z0 G40 G90 M9 if you follow. So then at the start it M98P1Call tool and all thatThen cycle or whatever M98P2M30BOOM best to use P8001 P8002 so you call lock it out so it can’t be changed with the parameters. It’s good with 5Axis as well.Keep it real my man!


DAMN. RIP Buddy.

Jack Coombs

Can someone help me understand why Jean didn’t move his Queen to d1, taking the rook and win?


Didn't like that loudmouth cowboy and his school project microwave

Cletus Spuckler, Stable Jeanius

You've got to be the only person on the planet that does this ..... awesome!


1/15 to 1/23 increases the denominator by 81/23 to 1/39 increases the denominator by 161/39 to 1/63 increases the denominator by 241/63 to X ??I think I see a pattern it, it will increase the denominator by 32, because we're increasing it by 8 each time.Lo and behold! Yes, it does. 1/63 to 1/95 increases the denominator by 32.With this, I would guess the next smaller circle would increase the denominator by 40, to 1/135.Someone check this. Am I right? I saw this pattern and guessed it correctly before he got the answer.

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wtf! more drama is not possible ! nice!!

Rihan khan

I saport chess