YelaWolf "Bloody Sunday" Freestyle - REACTION

Don't the legs interfere with where your chair legs would go?And expecting more instructive videos from you in the future.What can be use instead of egg?You just wasted 156 buck$.Excellent talent and skills.It seems like it would be kind of you to provide them so they can be judged as helpful or not.

Good work thankyou.I once were able to speak Spanish and French too but i forgot almost everything from these 2 languages except some words and sentences in Spanish.Wow those loose, hanging bobble ties look lie an accident waiting to happen!

It's threatening mate you dumbass.Alexander's 'greatness' is a classic example of the collective manifestation of Human Nature.One might recall in the last WC match when Karjakin was forced to play for a win, he played his worst game of the match.Win by resignation with 18 in material.Jerry you should play in the next Titled Arena!It's both on and off till you measure it.

If something dosen't work for you, it's not necessarily bad.Com recommending it.I am loving this series.He will never see it.But that’s of course a personal preference.Okay, please don't stop making videos - your tutorials are GREAT.

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joodi princess


I'd pay good $ to have you make me a custom bag. That's amazing!

Peter Rangelov

Looks like a game from Tal Memorial :D

Oscar Jonas

13:20 queen to E3 is a good move ?

Charlie Garrison

Hey! You cant move an in-man first come on! Lol (There is no in-man)

Stas Medvedev

Papa Baikal




Raghu Radhurakahu

Sir at 1:16 we can checkmate here using bishop


level of details is amazing


For horns, probably Kopprasch or Gallay

Virgil Mountjoy

Very nice

Am Strad

that beautiful baby boy was almost a gonna at 6:55


at 2:59why didnt white play knight e6? wouldnt that fork the rook and queen? i dont get why he retreats


To bad Bobby was a ashole

ishita nahar

Can we use milk instead of water please reply

Sadi Mohammad

Vanessa looked horny.

Only Chess

Its nice


How long did this take to do? Great job.

Arctic turd

How on earth do u add a ca finish without supergluing it to the mandrill


Now folks, this guy does proper work plus his meticulous way of videoing and pointing out the flaws in a piece is perfect. No short cuts, just clean work, damn i wish I had his machining skills and of course the lathe and mill at his disposal, Great work please I need to see more!!!

Kin Nghip Lc

the sound quality of this vid got problems, there's a "bzzzzz" sound everytime you talk which is annoying :( (because I'm a headphone user). But still your videos are very instructional and I will watch more of it

Throw Stone

The amount of Kreg is nauseating and I like Kreg.

Aditya Kadam

Always wear safety goggles bro, my friend once had an accident where the chip went into his eyes. Luckily eyesight was not gone


6:32 the your tesla looks sick i m not gonna lie

karim abolela

I will give you a moment.To those who discovered the draw.Congratulations you are a world championship. To those who want to enjoy the show watch old chess.

Oldish Goalie

I'm guessing they are most likely soap stone.My dad has a set and when you described how you could scratch then with a finger nail it reminded me of his set.

john john

Plz upload swapnakoodu