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Did they have to pick the weirdest people for this.Today pepole like things that are handmade and original and they dont bother to pay the price and as i see lot of design elements come back from 70s and 80s and i love that.Wait how about e0?

More flu in US than coronavirus!

More flu in US than coronavirus!

My name is carlsen my teacher are garry kapparop.They asked me to build a ruby gem, kind of like tic tac toe.Love the 3D visual effect, and the great music!1:27:20 Instant karma.Like if you watch this dude's speeches in 4018fsck debian, too difficult to install.I am just starting to look into starting to learn woodwork as I am moving house to a large property where I will need to do more around the house etc.Correct answer: There are at least 18 trees.OrgChessTwinsChess.

After axb5 Pxb5

After axb5 Pxb5

On checking in, there on the desk of the Company Clerk of C Company was my old multi-band radio!The orange one's pieces are all the same.I am hooked can hardly wait to see what you post next.Save the dust from when you cut out the wood part of your project.I'm doing this for financial lit class and so as I was doing the math, I ended up getting 11,576.The commentary in this channel is better than watching GMs commentate.In my case it was the battery.You made that in a week?REMEBER THE NAME.Eminem might be considered the overall better rapper lyrically, but Royce has evolved much more elegantly.

Reminds me when Norm built his workshop in scale as a doll house.Instead of grabbing a win, you all know what that guy chose that day(or maybe night).How could you do this with a piece of paper?How to update software in Mobile?Retired Master Craftsman Finally Reveals His Secret Archive Of Over 16,000 Planst.Ado pottaposts chyumbo muzuvaum chyanam.That's why he is laughing at the end -- he can't believe Nakamura is playing like a child.

Danny B

This guy is woodworking jesus. Who knew id spend my lunch break watching someone shaping wood and enjoying it??

Mohamad Alrashed

"I do not have access to this information" what a nice phrase to hear in this day and age

ace lee jhong

Si I Y?

Damon Z.

What a beautiful story

mATRIx dal neres

Ah, I sort of expected to see the Fred Shipman case here. Good video though

Andrew Fleeup

Mate, I cannae think such a Barney joint could get any more complicated than you've made it. Congrats.


He’s a monster, but I kinda feel bad for him.

Anibal Jiran Ziller

Pure art. Congratulations

Odelia Bh.

Donde es por favor??

george sevastakis