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The sliding headboard is awesome.This was a mighty piece of work.Sir pls advicec5against.Even f5 move for blacks doesn't help a bit.King has to protect his wife.

Thanks for the

Thanks for the

About using the sawdust with your glue up: I was taught decades ago, to save various species of wood sawdust, as Well as various colors.That’s one heck of an intro.I didn't do all that complicated stuff and i still got your answer.To be consideredcannon, rather than machine gun.  They are all very interesting!The pawn should eat it.What a moron u r man.Winning move is nf5 :).We could use and advanced step by step video on fit ups and joinery.Thanks for the upload.

Gorgeous lady, no styled hairdo, no make-up, naturally beautiful -))).This is why America is a republic and democracy is described as a wolf a lion and a sheep voting on who to eat for dinner.In some way i want the Cosmos power to reincarnate me in to a hobbit in Tolkien universe.Lincoln’s voice’s getting deeper!This Carlsen guy is a fraud.Suggestion: please consider changing the background music!In my opinion, what made this Voldemort scary (other than his voice) was the fact that at the end of the day, it was a grown man trying to kill an 11-year-old boy.Hundreds of hours over 3 years to make a table that looks like a cutting board?Revolting against the monarchy is super easy, barely an inconvenience.I could kill these kids for not paying attention.

I just asked for more Morphy games, and I find this!It’s interesting so you should like it.I actually liked it better before the edges were cut straight.Special place in hell for him.K thut tuyt voi.The rook can’t even move that way?This wouldn't be out of place in Kenshi.Thank you you gaff us a good iedeyaI well do like it in my workshop.I hope he continues this sharp play.Enjoy your time!

In his bad moments he show

In his bad moments he show

Just because there's lots of pieces on the board doesn't mean that they should keep playing.How do I make the player return to zero waypoint?Thank you for doing this!BEST CHEST MOVE MY ASS.They only played to a draw.

Roses are red,Violets are blue,The title is in English,The video should be too.Vishy Anand draws the carlsen's lead by third match WIN.You deserved that Wingull Quick Attack, it was a critical hit!Got me laughing lots.What about the idea.It make players happy by fantasying the chess game and make it cooler.

Tagal nawala n hero magaling p din siya umarte."It's not entirely obvious what to do" to get to row 2?E-solution for wooden projects is stodoys.I don’t know if that was just some camera glitch, but it was legit creepy.The answer, Tony Danza.Keep in mind if you captures captures and captures, you could have a completely new game followed by captures captures captures.Not only that, that sarifice reduce all lose potential of black and winning by developement of pieces.On which game object ?


Not every baby is a royal baby. Plain and simple


is there a reason you didnt clamp and cut both sides at the same time?

Joshua Michail

Bombyx mori, the silkmoth, the larval form of which is the silkworm. The cocoon of the silkworm is harvested to get the silk thread.So, you're saying it's smooth as silk 41:25.

lila panchloria

What will be the weight of the baked cake

Andrew Griffiths

Heating the EA40 reduces the viscosity or makes it less viscous.

King Shamalama

They drew up Twork contract for his next battle right after the event these niggas here funny as hell lol

Andrea Mitchell

i wonder if you could have used ahot Nichrome wire foam cutterto cut the foam instead of saws and sanding ?alsoi thinkit needs someRGBW led strip under neathtoo bad the back splash tile does not reallygo well with the sink though


Wahh bhai ......


they are doubting Iran but no china did the CCP pay u for that BBC ?

Naveen Adigoppula

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David Lpez

I think few people would lose with white after queen death

oikea keissari

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The beginning had me like "??????????"

Andrew Kerr

Beautiful piece of work, sir. Kudos!

Angel Cho

Wait what happened to Pluto


1:06:00"you could've saved like one second"yeah he could've, mr 'I-make-8-knights-for-fun"(I can say this in jest, because I know he can beat me with half the pieces WHILE blindfolded, easily)edit:I do like though, how after Hikaru realized that time did more/less matter, he actually played extremely well and extremely precisely... Hikaru is a freaking beast at this lmao.

Erik Diamond

Nice work. For your time and work, how much would you price it? $50? $100?

Quinn Smith

I'm suprised you still got all you god damn fingers


This is kinda how I played for a while after someone suggested it. London as white, and for black using a similar structure: Scandinavian vs e4 and Slav vs d4.


13:25 - 14:10 I'll let Arnold Schwarzenegger explain the position this poor pawn finds itself in:  

Greg Heffernan

"So I thought that was a very nice increase of my vast knowledge!" ... :)

Charles Palmer

Beautiful work

A Boii Called Sunni

jesus fucking christ this dude never had a chance... damn yo