WZRD Wednesday’s | Episode 38 | The Crypto Revolution Has Arrived...

I always pictured them as grey plain stone.Are all the female IM:s WGM also, but think "International Master" sounds better than "Woman Grand Master" or do they lack something for the title "Woman Grand Master"?And if Nxe4 then Nf4 followed by fxe4 after the queen moves?Woah she made the CWC attraction sign before the CWC attraction sign was even a thing.

The way you mapped it out visually and explained vocally was spot on.I saw red lights streaking around the spirit box.It might be weird to post it on a translator.Again, great video!I wish you had done the analysis of what happens if Kf2.Hello Patty Heather.

Brilliant game and analysis thank you .Looking great though.My ambition is a Investigative officer.Hey Vat19, has anyone beat the game yet?Maybe some of them have a pig farm of their own, if you know what I mean.That's so pretty!I play chess how about you all.

So many potential

So many potential

Gotta love watch a game that consists of 10 mins of pretending, knowing every player's cards just so that one happens to win by pure luck.I feel enlightened!I guess a solvent cement will bind?I can solve it in 6 moves.Earned so much moolah I quit my work today with help of, GetP aidHo m e.Are the try guys all gay.

I am trying to learn from your videos as much as I can.That grey horse did something bad.Nxe4,dxe5 then Nc5 where is initiative.You are an incredible talent.Not even one single threat against MC.This was a good commentary.Let's call a spade a spade bruh!Its freaking nice!I am an electrical engineer but my true passion is custom wood working and I own a custom wood working shop.Make it using lap joint 2x4s and it will tear down in 5 mins.

Have a great day.More over, how would I go about converting my chess board and set into this so I can avoid paying a large amount for a new set?Wow Anwar you out here tripping.Why Caruana's head looks SO BIG?So what are the moves again?But in a tournament, you would have lost the game by taking the king.But it's a pure P2W.4:10 that moment when you bought the wrong screen protector.Time for an update.

Naiyak ako ng hustokya ako ayko maging kaaway un kapatid ko.Love the table but not so much on the lamp.Your thought process commentary is so satisfying to listen to.Nice animation and good work, but there are many problems within the game itself:1.Cant believe they miss to mentioned ALAN TURING he is one of the great help at WWII anyway i love the vid and ENIGMA.

Digital Unity

Kinda mad YouTube led me to this a month late. All the good mallet jokes have been made.

wajih bleik

Thank you for doing what you're. I learn a lot from your videos.


22:11 pretty much logical fail?

Peaceful Journey

ang ingay maman

BrandonPlayzRoblox And other games

My dad wants to join vat19

Keith B.

I love the coverage you give to these amazing matches.Thanks for your work and energy (even if you were under the weather get better).


10:29 andget out of a pin that way

Sebastian Lam

Solo rompe la caja para saber su interior

Es Flores

Kf8, h6, Qh1 may make the game longer. tal

Noah Wilgocki

Ned would not do well in Vegas.

Derf Gerps

That 15 years in solitary was a satisfying punishment imo

Patriotic Eagle

0:25 I feel bad for that guy

Theo Beulakker

I like the joy you bring in, playing these attacking games , many are blitz as you said I enjoy watching these videos , without a certain daring one keeps on defending.


I always thought Picard's reaction to the "TIme is the fire" line is because he was trying to bury his emotions about his entire family having just died in a fire. So I guess Soren's poor choice of words?

Ryon Beachner

I was amazed at how inexpensive the prices were compared to what I’m used to seeing people pay for custom helmet paint in Motorsports.

Brandon Stam

New problem: When my board is created there is a lot of space between each square so none are actually touching. also the background is just white. The codes are all the exact same.

Ernesto Carrillo

Agggy all the way!!!


Goryuya is my favorite


Wen you stem on a lego 3:42


Hi, it's been a while since I played online,and am just curious if there is a lot of problems with people using chess programs to cheat.I remember even playing back in 2003 or so there were programs which could play even speed chess rather effectively.Do these tournaments have any way to weed out cheaters? Thanks to anyone who answers.

wadu hek

27:14 what if black plays Qa5 check.

David Dalmazzo

pure gold

Psychachu [ official ]

Suggestion: six different colours would have made this far easier to visualise, but great upload :)