Wu Tang Collection - Kung-Fu Troublemaker - ENGLISH Subtitled

Lesson in the vidHow to checkmatewith a idiot opponent.That's what I think about that.What are the advantages of a manual router over a CNC ?At 1:41:11, did you have Nc2, threatening the fork on e3?Where is LORENZO?The videos are the easiest to watch and don't bore me like a lot of others do.A 10 year old asian boy can win this bust esaily.There not really that funny.

TBH Sam needs to be a try guy.1:28 it dog is having a nightmare lol.The only way I CAN get something done is if I procrastinate.So if you get it - you have 50% chance of recovery, only 3.It's look like the game "atomics" on the playstore.

Thanks for showing us the learning curve.Great analysis thanks :).Really love the commercials between each song.Magnus is the best in history no doubt.Another great video.

But this is

But this is

You guys are awesome.I really think a GM should have the balls to play out a position, where he obviously has an advantage and a lot of time on his side.Oh my god this video is amazing.Your toolist sign up page does NOT work on mobile chrome browser.3:01 queen to H8 would be checkmate.

Escapes custody numerous times.Yo im down with a game of chess with ya, looks good man keep up the good work.Can you do a video of the style of your how to solve chess puzzles where you try and solve the Christmas puzzle from lichess?Look under the description for product informationlocation.John mongrel,mongolosa.My question is because this concept is hard to explain to others.The only way the high school team would be able to keep the score from running up even higher than it normally would be is to do a "Kneel" "Kneel" "Kneel" "Punt" strategy on offense to burn clock.Those festool guys really use it for everything!Would only be better if you added a third you watching and eating Cheeseits!

This makes 3 Laptops for me.00 range or more.Hope it goes well and you guys do one again!Bishop h6 is mate in 6.B4 and after 24 Rd1 continue with 24.Instant subscribe.There's been an influx of Elizabeth Warren commercials in Wisconsin that started yesterday.Yes because loss of offensive advantage.This channel is the best!

What about the seasonal wood

What about the seasonal wood

Not that good, but good enough that when someone tried a Scholar's Mate on me, I felt like I should really be able to punish the person for it.Thank you, simplenice and easy."Jy kanie eens fucking lees nie" lol kak mad awe mase kinnes al the way from Saudi Arabia mis the cape flats a lot.Excellent video well explained !Keymer played very, very well for a very, very long time.What was up with all the trades?"Try DollarBrite.

Ral Espinosa

why did Magnus take the kings to the center of the chessboard?

Josseph Castillo Cajina

waw para locos

Damo Hanson

Rather than pause the video I went out for a beer. There you have it .

Chris Land

I can only dream to play chess like Bobby.

Dauphin Dauphin

"Anyone wants to give me the wrong answer? ....You? ....Incorrect!.....Oh, you didn't say anything yet."

yetersiz bakiye

very nice..

Shanti Cardoza

Ha ha ha...Who cares...??Anyways, thank you for spinning some yarn on that...???

DFTA (Don't Feed The Animals)

this guy is definitely a cyborg..."was thinking about something there"...right. [downloading data...]

Cloudy Aperture

Anyone else notice the color correction shift from 1:45 to 1:55? It got decidedly warmer.

swig swig

You already covered this story did you not?

Ari The man

It’s the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!!!!!!!!!!!

Alejandra Rivero

Los vi a los ocho mike dos minions y a furia