World Class Trainers, GMs Jacob Aagaard and R.B. Ramesh talk ♟️ improvement and

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0:02 it was

0:02 it was

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Could I use a battery charger to do the burn?I think you're right about jerry, he excels in static closed positions where he maneuvers his pieces to weak squares and looks for timely pawn breaks.My rating hovers around 1200) 2.Your first Tutorial video is really good have detail explanation.The super computer in this day can do much more.

How did Naka

How did Naka

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It's great using ECMAScript6 methods.

It's great using ECMAScript6 methods.

I love this guy and his videos.Felt the sudden need to subscribe for no reason.For the first time my cake was even, smooth and with a nice sharp edge!Absolute shame on the oscars.Let's all be thankful for our parents (yanno they didn't kill us).Yif (dir "left") x2- size else if (dir "right")x2 sizeelse if (dir "down")y2 sizeelse if (dir "up")y2 - sizeSnake.Keep the uploads coming cumming!11:15 Why can't he rook b5?The lawyer is the worst human being I have ever seen.Nakaka inspired sya.

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Awh men i got second place the grade 6ther got 1st but i got second and mostly the whole elementary fought me i think it was 3 grade 6s and 5 of the whole elementary

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WEALTH WORSHIPERS!!! Assemble!You get bonus points for being Evangelical.

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Awesome work!

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Maybe fiber obtic most intersting here for me.

wilfred Gototos

Nakakaiyak nman sobra

Jordan Berghaus

Very cool, but I think I'll stick to my modern electric 1/2 horsepower lathe.

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Why the opponent move king forward

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Clarinet - Ernesto Cavallini. He was literally dubbed the Paganini of clarinet, although he may have been surpassed considering players living today...

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38:55 just block with the knight and then push the pawn past the light squares

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I do like your use of Silky Oak in the border frame.It lends a pleasing dark constant and enhances the appearance of finished piece.


so the rule is "the knight can not go were it has been on before" but, in the explaination, at the 4th move it moves were it has been at the start. so either the rule is insufficient or the explanaition is wrong.


"It's very short!"

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suggestionEmanuel Lasker, any winning game from him.Max Euwe, any winning game from him. My apologies, I realized that Dr. Euwe, in addition to Dr. Lasker, has not as of yet had a winning game yet. If Max Out, 1934, where Lasker beats Euwe with a positional queen sacrifice is first shown, that is fine for Lasker, but to have Euwe’s first game be shown as a loss would just continue the cycle. Please, a winning game from these two World Champions, even if not before the year ends, just so a full chess history can be given of the World Champions.Regards.

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4:23 Nu tng g4 th sao a?

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Did you say "CHEST" Boards?!?! :D


And this kids, is how Carlsen got to work with chess24!