World Champion Magnus Carlsen Age 27 vs. AI Level 10 - Gameplay

Gameeppadi close aagum.It justs takes over my mind that the series is over and will no longer be continuing.Dota underlords.Best video and board yet!082295745793FOR SALEAGUNG PODOMORO LAND.

Hey Rick, just

Hey Rick, just

He 100% could not see the optimal moves half the time and also rushed due to time.Shawn WilsonBishop at g5 makes it unable to capture the rook without putting the king in check.The backpack they ware is aFjallraven kanken.Em thay la tot trang an vua o o 6 c.You did a verry good and neat job!Another way to look at it is you start with one on row five and replace a piece with two next to each other, extending in one direction, and attempt to get all the pieces across the line.As far as I know in Gibraltar, there are no Indians.Segregation is bias to favor the group with low IQ, who gets special money, special attention, special ranking, etc.

Na kaiyak batman.Thank you very much Rebecca, very useful.But at 11:00, why can't the knight move to defend the rook?But the cool funky music was good :).One of the greatest players of our day I tend to be pretty consistent my sides are gone.

) but i think mozaer never play chess :))) ha ha but i still wait for a russian man go world champion.GJChess at 9:21 what happens after Kxg ?Switchis a dictionary.As always, very very cool."Magnus laughs at your silly attempts at chess".Antonio is good at chess, very good, but at making very nerdy friends he really beats me.This is why i dont use bank notes.You do a video about the puzzle bu you dont now how to solve.Great video, dolly zoom was cool.

Because of this Video, i thought

Because of this Video, i thought

Deep indeed was the wisdom and craft of Nmenor!So daring, so brazen, simply brilliant.Wow I thought Im the only one who think that name main and self are not for humans.Not often I'm sweating it out watching one of your videos.Who else knew he would loose game 1?Then the game is less confusing to me.First we have to do rub to d3 then queen to d7.You also have control of your own life.Have a great Thanksgiving with your family and friends Thanks for sharing.

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Beautiful lighting effects


Holy Shit! This guy is a real head case. He will sue the world! Lol

James Martin

Existing? Hmm...there's a tax for that

Cal T

Why did he resign if he was up on pieces? Couldn't he have gone Qh1, then taken the pawn for a good check?

Delly Love

Ayon oh sipag talaga mglaro. hehe! keep going bro. maraming manunuod.

danny schoemans

looks great!like seeing all the fine steps you take to make this result..and being a clean carpenter!keep on going!


Thanks a lot for sharing that wonderful info Rex, I kicked out a lot of doubts about buying inexpensive planes due to this video. Tons of blessings for you and family, plus a big hug from Puerto Rico, my beautiful island in the Caribbean region!!Ray Ray

Dom Trussardi

Good to hear because in another video you said "playing the computer is kinda lame" but for beginners it's critical unless you have access to a great human teacher, which most of us don't.