World's CLASSIEST Rolling Pin!

Excellentrecipe.: I'm least bothered.Why didn't his queen on C2 take the bishop on F6.Ramdam ko po yung pinagdaanan nyo.Topolov is insane.I beat yesterday in a blitz game (5mins) a 2195 playerand the other 1895,I am only rated 1500 both of them accused me of cheating hahaha!But your work apriciated mi to make something new and unique when I make something I will tell you.The cure for cancer will never be found because if it was, they would lose so much money via donations for research.

Also, did you start with turning blanks?Oh my goodness, a short video.When you get a chessboard instead of an iphone.

When I started assembling it I found that 10 34 was too short.A koji GUI koristite?17:30 that game was intense !I just used logic (in my head) and the probability and came up with four minimum but I added one day to account for if the last tree tuned or not, so I'd say 5 or 6 max, but just using probability of 12 it would take 4.Somehow most people making unity guides never mention it.You really supported the Saint Louis Chess club before the infringement.

Tips for workshops without drum sanders would be more realistic, as your project plans fall apart without your drum sander.They both agreed to multiple queens before hand.Very nice bent lamination project.Black is fine until 5:48 Nc3?Playing against these kids just makes you feel so disappointed in yourself.Permit me to inform you of my desire of going into business relationship with you.$300 for spine pro.Who is ready for Christmas?

Looks good i

Looks good i

BGM bayangaram aa.Maybe some dimensions for the parts?Lincoln is wrong the earth spins 365 in a year no search up hehe:psss i did search it up haha.Love the detailed work and the process.Still thinks gangsterism is cool.When I do play e4(rarely) and meet the Caro-Kann, I have tried many variations.Because, if the knight can eat the queen, the queen wont be able to see it.Can someone let me know if this also works?

Sub programming is where it’s at great technique.Ad thng chi lc my gi.The computing and processing power of a computer than we'd have the same sort of playstyle as A0.It remains an entertaining and original game all the same.Apart from upgrading all the internal hardware to reach some consistency there should be a cooling fan after the nozzleextruder and it should go directly onto a spool otherwise it won’t be usable maybe get the spool to help pull it out also.What r u an expert on.White needs to take away it's King's castle to correct sequence of moves.

Very nice tutorial.

Very nice tutorial.

Both assertions are absurd (yes absurd not surd) and all based on the nonsense fusion or conflation of finite-infinite or infinite-finite.Hey Jerry, I love these videos you make.So you did not want a hot mess of glue, that is funny, Hot Mess.I bet Eugine plays chest now.Thank you that's beautiful amd much more special to use.Great man great video.Love your videos on Capa.



Doug Boggio

This has to be the fourth or fifth time I've watched this and I'm STILL in awe..........Top notch work I wish I could work for you!!(Btw, I'm in oregon, USA here)

Jhuma Majumder


Raju V

Your perfection in work is really superb.. Great videos, keep posting!

Simon Tracer


Grant Johnson

Capitalism at its finest, folks.Freely entered win-win exchanges.

The Chad

DOOOOOPE! My grandmother used to have a small Infinity Mirror for the wall in the hallway that had small, VERY OLD, yellow-ish bulbs.. you know the ones, tiny with a pointed tip. Anyway, I never could figure out how it was made. Always thought it was cool.

Jonathan Slusser

Well done video.By that meaning I do not find you tremendously annoying. No jump cuts over meaningless chatter... thanks. All talking is enough to reproduce results and not much more. Video shots are of the work, not you. Chill vibe good work!

Lah Phillips

Found this such a help for my thinking. I think you're on to a winner.

Willy Mans

geweldige video

Helmut Fieg

Very few guitar players could create such emotive and at timessoaring melodiesas Mark could.


Can't put my finger on it but for some reason this one feels very educational.



Nicholas Jarrett

Let me know when I can craft.