Working backward to solve problems - Maurice Ashley

Estoy siplemente fascinado con sus trabajos.Queens might be exchanged, but white has a much stronger position.SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION AND MOTHER ISSUES ARE COMMON.

For some reasson I am not progressing passed 17 hundred.Amazingyour CNC mechine so beautifull.23:37 why black didn't took the queen by simply playing Rxe4?3:54 After Qe8, Medo began an attack on the door lol.I'm loving these videos Titan!Even if one was losing, he still had way less time.One thought for black, why not 21 after Ne5, Bc4?

Drink a shot every time he says just

Drink a shot every time he says just

Smack: nigga don't call us we'll call you.I wonder if it's possible that you make one of his works and send for me in Brazil.Just google Stodoys and make some dust.I am going to give it a try.Youd be inclined to aim for the edge to make the circle smaller and more likely the person shooting next to miss.The Mona Lisa ofkaayaks, How can I have one like this?Org besides just plating chess and watching chess, i figured out the easy and most of the medium puzzles you did but not the hard ones yet.Title of this video Title of your sex-tape.Thank you I made one of these bows for my son the first bow, I ever made.

So ive been playing guitar for 10 years and never understood a thing when it came to music theory (i play by ear), I honestly REALLY appreciate this, Thank you man !I guess he is showing a remarkable game from each of the pole's participant, so everyone can vote based in which style one's prefer to watch.I love your videos so informative an u go thought projectsan giving us newbiesgreatinformation an tricks.8:17 why dont you go Bd5?I'd love to see you play 3 minutes games against 1900s players, just so that you'd have the time to explain why every move they make is a mistake (because that's probably the moves i'd do at my very best).Ok - Danny, I love you honestly (don't listen to everyone throwing shade) but this production was unfortunately not good.8:21 doesn't white have bishop d5?I solved it in 5 m.It looks like Taylor tools are sold out of the 5x12" float glass.So many hundreds of years ago.

He says 4 ways but he only spoke of ONE way and provided the 4 ways to TRY to make the ONE work.5 and there's no shadow that runs across LOL.That keyboard sound is the only ASMR I need in life, it's so tasty!Anyone know if he was the anonymous online player in Phil Gordon’s book?There is so many still today who have so much to learn from him.I recently chechkmated some1 with only rook without needing to put ennemy's king in a corner.Feel as though the ErHu is talking to you in sad words.14 there was a man behind his camera,even u can see huge smoke after that.23:05 I think the difference is the human variable.

Badrunnaim Al-Faraby

It helps not to think of spheres getting pointier, but the square analogues instead. In 1D, there's no difference. Going to 2D, instead of having 2 ends the square has 4 corners. In 3D, 8 corners (vertices), while the sphere is still apparently smooth. Each increment, the sphere shies further away from the corners.


All the fast moves at the end was hilarious


how did you start making epoxy resin table bro?

Mak Roberts

Im in, mr Finkel...GREAT SHOW OFWHAT ITS LIKE TOO" VIBE" W/SOME-One YOU DONT KNOWYOU LEARNBY" as kids.. playing games.... orLearning a scale on gitar,, or areUp on syncopationic rudimentsOf drums!( great show interrestingGame, as well, 10'sFrom washington's olympic peninsula...THANK U

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Drew Berry, more

Jennifer Mansingh

Nice video




What's this??? 15K views!! This isn't normal I didn't even get a notification

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Your work is fabulous. You inspire me

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Will there ever be a sport people dont dog on America for being America. Probably not. Still too butthurt about losing all those wars I guess

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You can see the Mary Lou record by the creative force on utube

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parker prime

Guy Cobb

The exoslide peaked my interest the most.

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watch if you want to get mad . Or go mad .

Sir Shanks

240p TED?


turn paperclip into house, sell house buy paperclips with profit, turn thousands of paperclips into thousands of houses, rinse and repeat, paperclip billionaire

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opet kaem, spor si ko neka baba