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At 11:38pm on right side of wall there was a face Patty.With so much wood i must take a significant part of the profit, just to get the raw materials.This was another outstanding and very instructional lecture by GM Akobian!I think I would've gave up after the first 10 drawers.What is ur dog's elo rating?

I just walked humming the merge sort sound.Additionally, what happened to R in the end of Hammer?  Obviously your moves aren't that strong.I’m actually tired of seeing these always liking comments it feels like they’re bots can’t u find any other place for giveaways it just ruins the video.

You should be ashamed of yourself taking advantage of that poor ignorant man.How not to build a cue.This could've been stopped before it started.Jesus will return soon.Barbara has issues too.Very interesting!Why not just spend 10 mins giving it a wipe down and then sell it for $50.Raw milk use Kiya Apne?Em ln 19xx cch y 2 hm ri anh ip.

I am totally amazed!I find it creepy.I get these same thoughts in my head 2:05.Let that sink in.I had to have another look at Game 13 of the 1972 World Championship to see what Spassky missed.I had bottom as:0 0 0, 0 0 1, 1 0 1 0 0 0, 1 0 1, 1 0 0Thank you!I'd have to teach a lot less, and stream a lot less.

No wonder, its owned by google.And what about all of those instructions about not more than 240 for oil wax finishes and etc.Thank you sir for being a wonderful teacher.A customers wallet and watch always determines a jobs quality.Not that I don't like looking at your face John, your a handsome dude!Think about it, how many people in America wear gold rings and necklaces?Absolutely stunning craftsmanship.

Either you're the favorite with definitive proof of being the favorite, which is great, or you're not the favorite but dead, so you don't have to live with being the least favorite, and that's okay too.Assumes all boards would be flushed at one end so mortise are uniformly positioned.What does a light's photon have to do with our biological aging?I replayed this game on Stockfish.1:44 what's wrong with Qa4.Poor defense by white.Like photographic film?And still 1900 seems such a high rating to me, as i just recently started beating a 1400 computer.

Whats about the 30:00 -

Whats about the 30:00 -

Magnus Carlsen I'm coming.Next one is a one cup of hot chocolate and one Cookie table.Learns from a news report that the object is a superconducting magnet, stolen from the Large Hadron Collider by Randy disguised as Princess Leia.I'm a the only one who is confused with the second Q the grass ?The other end is glued to the base.Chess is not a template.Mantap main nya bang junaidilangkah" nya jitu.A pair of bishop pair from hell.

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Did Svids win a game?

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Vincent Potter

I don’t like those long screw tips

Sofi Ok

Me quedaron horrendos


Excellent practical value, and just plain Brilliant sir!

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Ammaar Halim

Why is chess so hard to master

April Pendley

Am I the only other one here at 5 am desperately needing sleep but unable to stop watching this guy?!

Pichan Liwag

At this age, im eating my booger.


And this, like many others........is the reason why guns in the hands of Americans is a bad idea.


Chess sets = awesomeYour voice = not so much.

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