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Terlalu cepat dan kurang sistimatis.

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It would be fun if the final answer was You play like Nakamura

Richard Gaines

berserk a game ?? means what?

Jaegar Howatt

At 1:40 why wouldn’t Carlsen play queen A4 and capture the Bishop?


His whole body is itching in agitation 2:50


Easy stuff I knew this in grade 4.


Hell hath no fury like a fianchettoed bishop!


So NASA didn't think they would run over rocks?


I want a camel's tour. The camel moves 3x1 instead of 2x1 (which would be the knight).

Magister Ludi

Bobby avoided Bxe5 cuz it leaves opposite coloured bishops. Your analysis would give a lot of casual players the idea that moves are based almost entirely on positional/strategic considerations. There is almost no specific lines more than a couple of moves deep and little examination of tactical possibilities. Very lazy analysis.


So it's basically like ket it's the Egyptian version of this

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I made a transition matrix M j,k = probability of transitioning from j trees to k trees, which is (6 - j choose k - j)/2(6 - j) except the bottom row is zeroes, then computed sumMd d) which is (M-I)(-2) M

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What bothers me the most about these players is their unwillingness to play aggressive and force an advantage. Yes this will leave them vulnerable as well, but I guess it's better to be safe than sorry.What happens if all games are a draw? Just curious. Will it then come down to how many pieces were captured throughout all the games played, or will it go to a sudden death type scenario where they are forced to play out the last game?