WIM Sabrina Chevannes vs IM Greg Shahade - Fischer Random Chess

I think you guys should make shoes.I have a hard time believing that Professor Hawking has made all those mistakes and even more that he has managed to graduate despite them.A maniac I must say.If black checks us with Nb3 then Ka2.And as you can tell that is a big-ass Butt.To see the reverse part in forward.3333333 forever.

Great strategies Sir.It always amazes me how much some of this stuff cost.That's kind of based on luck right?If x3 1, x can be not 1, because of complex number, and solutions of x2x10 also are complex.Added to my DIY playlist, and will watch this again just prior to my epic experimental project!

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Axel Smith was my

Axel Smith was my

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I either win or I learn.After looking up the proofs I found it is rather annoying to look up all the math jargon to understand what they mean when going through the proof.What an era we live in.Its TIME for the great awaking!It’s easy to see your passion for the history and to talk about it in an unpatronising way really makes it easy to watch.(not really) This guy is payed (from parents?Hey agadmator, nice vedio tho I don't like seeing Carlsen losingwho's your favourite player?Jak wida wiat liczb nie jest cigy, to zbir punktw.I can't watch it early at the 1st game without make my head exploded.You dont have to talk after every move!

It mixed an incoming CW

It mixed an incoming CW

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3rd track reminded

3rd track reminded

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Plz ritu new videoupload krona, kafi time ho gya apne new video nhi bnaya

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9:27 NO Rxa1 is winning for black... don't attack with check.

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I beat my father for the first time ever with thisHe fell into the trap perfectly taking knight with kings pawnHa ha ha!!!!He was just looking at me thinking "wtf?"Love this channelGreat detailed descriptions and such cool ideas Love from Ireland

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Interesting. It would be great if we can see some openings and endgame analysis/tips

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We call king as Raja queen as Rani knight as ghorra bishop as....... rook as tooap and pawn as piada in Urdu


I think what's most impressive (and what makes me think he could be legit) is that even a person using an engine would lose a few games ON TIME, in a 5 min. game, against top GMs. Remember the engine doesn't speed up, so a strong GM could play an engine abuser equally until he was short on time and then try to flag him, theoretically. (Even KC has done this against engine users) But this guy wins every game. Very peculiar.

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People with " perfect pitch " GET OVER YOURSELVES and just do the math. You're missing the whole point.


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Aoi Plays Games!!

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Let's face it. Nobody won the prize.