Will The Increment Make A Difference Between These 2 Strong Players?

Actually, most nazi aces have 3 times the confirmed kills as their allied counterparts.I really love the finished product, very well done!Do you do like 4 days of prep or do you just know all this stuff.And truckloads of old detailed interiors from "machiya" (old narrow homes and stores) from Kyoto are seen just being hauled away to the dump.You have the most PERFECT voice for telling these stories.Damn, Royce straight stunned me telling him it was an honor, like that shit was real.

Boris should have gone for Pawn-F3 instead of

Boris should have gone for Pawn-F3 instead of

EVERYONE LISTEN UP!Small and little mean the same thing.Daj lika jeli jestes polak.Wow ang ganda ng love story nila.Fight a bio weapon by hand washing masks ?Through it's ability to identify high level abstract concepts from low level patterns using a deep neural network architecture, AlphaZero is able to understand strategies and opening lines that we were only able to develop over the course of the 400 years of chess theory history and through the life-long dedication of tens of thousands of grandmasters.I think I'd have taken a bevel cut on the diamond of a piece of square tube for a spout then welded into a milled seat.Our channel is about small and big trips, beautiful places and visits so don't hesitate to take a look if you're interested!

Human on human :.I used to love watching all your new bakes and makes, but now it feels like every video I get recommended is just another debunking video!But there's no space.Little slower maybe then the Domino, but much easier on the wallet.At 36:54 what if he took on c4 with the bishop.I know how many universes there are, there are 18 thousand.Panu mag sent ng liham dito gusto ko share napaka lungkot na buhay ko.Why think about the opening?The Superhets work with an IF intermediate Frequency of say 455 kilocycles (Hertz) the tuned frequency 780.

Reminds me of

Reminds me of

Wow, I'm I the only one who is noticing that every serial killer story either started by mommydaddy issues or a some head trauama in their childhood years?This dude just said 1961 Camero lol wtf 67 was the first year.U r cooking r awesome and amazing.One Question : there is a 7 digits telephone number with all different digits,if the digit at extreme right and extreme left are5 and 6 respectively.The fact that you are using Ryobi drills validates my tool choice.

Your queen has The World?My Mother one evening said, "Ok, I want you to order that Chess Set you showed me, as she was happy with my recent School performance, as well as my progression in Chess.Pepe the funniest GM in the world DDDp.A real nail biter, until the blunder.Alireza has the killing instinct, very important in a champion.Very nicely done.We have 3, 3 machine makino cells at our shop running production.



Rest in Peace, Cute little adorable thing.The left person looks abit like Lionel Messi.That wasn’t The Smartest thing for Twork to do.Its decorated the same as the corner ones, but some versions of the rules say you can sandwich using the corner castles.These guys are up there with the most punchable face duo in history, my god.So whens the esl starting up for this game?16:00 i dont understand why closing up the position when you have the bishop pair.Blondeis Recipe pls n'ovan.

Neil Young

Hey Chris, I use the smaller draw sets in my model building room, they're absolutely awesome draws, Neil from Chatham Kent England, PS love the new workshop


21. Kf2

Perry Cox

Really appreciate your commentary. So many others just shoot the video and do not say why they do something a certain way. Your videos are much more teachable videos for those trying to learn. Thanks for your contribution.

novak djokavic

there is a way at the last puzzle to make white have a and black have a rook and be no mate

ford nut

12:00 video just got little weird.

Jackson Lary

Spike ball now is a huge thing

Harshith Sairaj A

For all you battle royale people out there, there you go. Thats how you drop first!

Keith Alfred Anthony Donovan

With all due respect he's no Fischer


Dude I love you for soundtrack from beyond goodevil!


Design 1-A is still the best, just saying. It may be slightly slower for typing the average phone number, but it's great for calculating things due to the lower three numbers being more commonly used. I understand why use 4-A for a phone, but smartphones that also do other things need to switch to 1-A.

Chel Sea

2020. After all this time? ALWAYS.

Andres Rossi

I've seen more forks in this video than in a restaurant

Dipul Bharalua

Only 6 lost in 68 games... God like performance.

Adriel Granados

Chess mortal combat

hemen hiwa kamal

Your videos fill me with happiness. Especially when the soundtrack of Skyrim kicks in


...or excellent reader of move list in description


beautiful game and great commentary !!!! thanks!!

Dave Ridlespriger 2

Downward spiral

Lynda Carnes

Beautiful work! Did you sell it? I hope you got paid for your hard labor. Congrats!

Sergo Melo

Go Bernie

Ghost Shadow

it could be worse and be a Packard Bell.