Will "Brooklyn" Dave's 2 Sacrifices Crush Carlini???

14:15 black bishop b7, why does the white king goes to h1, what's the danger?Okay so this is a great informational video and I learned a lot, however.Really interesting as well as funny book!3:15 ultra mega hyper plus amazing fucking stonks.NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!I really like it a LOT!I seriously thought Jamie was gonna be sold by the bottle opener on the back of the human soul box.

When you're making those for sale?Let me get this straight.I love the BGM, the detail and the soothing vibe of the whole video.

Puyeng kepalanya hahhaha.What is tom house?You could just put the button on the wall or something and you just push the button on the wall and you can order pizza.It's possible that Garry's goal was to make Sergey suffer as much as possible over the board - not necessarily win.I'm going to DIY a human baby from it.So many sacrifices on Pawn however there is no 100% possibility winning.

Can this be applied on dota auto chess also?It is so beautiful!That's why Islamic burials make sense to me.Forget the transformer install a usb charge pack for mains power.You are so innovative.

Tip:Don't use a flat head in a Robertson or Phillips screw.I can't understand but interesting.Dude,u are a giant.This is why we love your channel "13:38 D4 D3 D1 and you know Destroy" four beautiful D words by Agadmator, there was no better description at the end game than what you just said, this is the difference between your channel and the others, thank you that was awesome, I just repeated 13:38 for more than 3 times and it is still enjoyable.U mean Jeremy silman,LMBBOOOOOO GRIN :)."Citizen Z" is here promoting.I used a dremel to add detail, and then mounted the horse head on a turned base.

I was thinking of doing a glowing table but I'm certain the salt will eat it and salt eats everything.Shut up and play!This guy looks very suspicious to me.Wild and crazy game.I bet Naka cleans this guy 8.8:50 what map is this?What the hell is a vass.

To find the answer, you just need to take closer look at the fractionsthe sequence.:How to protect your Whatsapp from Hacking:Check mate in 2 steps:All Windows Shortcut Keys in a Single Video:All Android Versions with their Features:Make any Picture as folder icon Convert picture to ICO ICO Convert Change folder icon:.CPS does 1 of 2 things:1: Child reports he's being abused?Suren we can't follow last move.Eric is just awesome.

E. Bertrams

This is absolutely beautiful and the perfect answer to the question "... and why on earth do you spend so much time in the cellar tinkering about...?" Incidentally, how much time did you spend on this board?

Random Mattoxxx

What are thos

Paul Awad

came for the pretty girl. stayed for the great lesson

Sourav Rakshit

should I say made my day of made my life! I'm starting developing game. . .



Ilker kocam

Easy work

Kid BlueBalls

I'm a person with near genius intellect and not even i could follow along with their game of chess.

Nitu Singh

Cheak is not understood


The President doesn't belly flop, he cannon balls!

Paul S.

Title: The only man Kasparov ever feared.13 y/o Magnus Carlsen: Am I a joke to you?

Youa Chang

I agree with Itai on problem 5. You cannot castle when you are in check.

Dudley Middleton

You will soon build a quantize button on that machine!

Trevor Pardy

Hey John, Thank you for the great video. I am very impressed with your teaching style, its very accessible.I like watching you play. This is very informative. I believe as an amateur, this style of watching a master play and hear what his thought process is is very insightful. Keep it up

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Nice work

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Pretty cool