Why politics is no joke | Al Murray | TEDxLondon

It's easy to overlook tactics involving a square that is defended by a pawn.Or you rly need a special mix, thanks.Heather's boyfriends got some skinny little legs lol.

Keep it up buddy, love your work.Sinong nanonood ng novenber 10 like nyo to kung nanonood kayo nito at swertehen nag like din nito.Your vids are always so to the point and understandable, but more importantly the joy that you bring to the bench is addictive.He played very well and he had 50 seconds and then he just gave the rook for free.Time is of the essence with this virus.Rest assured I will remember it now.Bad knife holder.

Lastly, I don’t necessarily condone the thousand dollar price tag of the said luxury branded wallet but part of that money does go to craftspeople and the network of other related industry (tanneries, tool makers, etc).At 22:45, that was a clever tactic but it ultimately failed.Wow what a spanking.The name of the book on minute 6:47 plz.How can y’all say no 30 when the 1st was choppy?

Appreciate it very much.With a 2 second increment and up a piece that guy had no reason to flag on time.I see stockfish level 1 ai rating1350 Elosmh no wonder i cant practise all that well with it.How did u maked it.Jour jobs is asom :D like.Mestrovic, Kozomara, etc.Sir charan sparsh.Jpg")Sprite s(t)for (int i1i10i) for (int j1j10j)sgridij10if (rand()%50)gridij9else gridij0for (int i1i10i) for (int j1j10j)int n0if (gridij9) continueif (gridi1j9) nif (gridij19) nif (gridi-1j9) nif (gridij-19) nif (gridi1j19) nif (gridi-1j-19) nif (gridi-1j19) nif (gridi1j-19) ngridijnwhile (app.

Voldemort was just completely wrong in the

Voldemort was just completely wrong in the

Amazing video Simon!Hi guys, This is my recent 3D Goldfish painting.I wouldn't recommend stealing sand from the beach, you can get in trouble for that.I can turn powder into making myself the centre of the galaxy.Anh phan tich hay the.If they kept his theme throughout the films."the sith lord vs jar jar binks" hahahhahha.Fast forwarded to watch each of Magnus's games (congrats to Benjamin Bok).

"Forktown, population you."increase of my own vast knowledge" LOL the hubris hahah.OMG IS THAT JOHHNY SINS OMG ITS MY IDOL DUDE OMG I LOVE HIM DUDE SHOOT A VIDEO WITH JOHHNY.I get he grew up in America, but every time i hear perk for Pirc (it’s pirts) I want to turn off the video.My fedora is tipped out of respect and I press F on my keyboard for this gentlesir besting a pleb fundie at his own game.Zero problem :).Almost too pretty to use it.

Kevin Sognal

Wouldn’t the Box of matches light up and burn the house anyways?

Rahul Mehra

Chutiya pnti game half chodh k nikal rhy h


its all about the trash talk, they can say they are the king of the hood


Your videos are so good! But damn I like a good larsen game....

Lubna Rafiq

Colourful spatula

Faith Dorey

"Sam looks like a lady" My brain: dodo dodo dude looks like a lady dodo dodo dude looks like a lady!!


Great video. If you revisited the moka pot today, what changes would you make?

Annette Millette


Click-bait title. The 7 yr old's endgame technique was losing.

Kaleo Ariola

Beautiful work!

Dudar228 Dudar

Charges Appelpencil me hehehehe so funnyguy charging it whaaaaat

Gracie i Am a Cheeto

Am I the only one who noticed the pun in their names? Terra means earth and Stella means galaxy/space, so while Terra stayed on earth, Stella went to space.

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Awww, Eugene would drop his dogs to their death than the Try Guysss!!!

Sudhi Krishna N.A.

Proud to be an Indian.

pepe munic

no entiendo contra quien jugaba? una maquina o una persona?

Vandan Sharma

Wow dubov has a really long nose

Howard Boehm

at 5:10 in the video what does that measurement have to be or how do we calculate it based on our dimensions.

Mr Vic

Reader beeps. Guy pissing is turning around. And its Rami Malek.

Vee Vee

My mom and dad are Mexican so they really didn’t understand the language back in 84’ since they were granted t visas at the end of 83’ ... fast forward in 95 or 96 my mom told me how they had plans on going to that McDonald’s... they lived around the corner at the time... the only thing that saved them was my moms dog taking off that day.. wow

Quang Nhat Nguyen

Hay hay hay


His swallowing is driving me up the god damn wall. Who's genius idea was it to place the mic on his throat?

Homa Simpson

Love your videos , your narration , annotation is fantastic , very clear sharp and to the point , the dude with a long name is a lucky bastard , she is gorgeous and bright , I would love a partner that can thrash me at chess.