Why Peter Svidler is the god of Grunfeld defense?

When you are so fucking bad in chess you still lose even after you cheated.This is just as brilliant as the game itself.But I don't know of any small enough ones.30"Round "1"White "Golan"Black "Richard"Result "0-1"1.You look like Arin from Game Grumps.1:33 lmao u sneky shin.

8:18 why your doggo is sad

8:18 why your doggo is sad

Nice one Magnus, you are my number 2, dont be hurt but I've chosen Naka as my shout.I’m one if those people that needs to know why!(Rc8 isn't checkmate because of the Knight)Ok, so these kids are just good for their age not prodigies.Good Old Grim Reamer.Why Magnus coming late always.They were nurses who killed.Do you still play otb in rl tournaments?

Commentors:Mm, bacon, vegans suck, insert not funny trollbacon jokeI hope that these lackluster, not humorous attempts at trolling and punching down are from very young people who will learn and grow.So for me, post rock is a god send.Lol did you see at 25:30?Looks very good, love that wood!Im hoping for Nakamura, he would make for some really fun games.Was is just for the extra strength of epoxy?Mr Mike Dane, thanks a bunch sir!Bro it's very very costly.Many catchy phrases and great selection of moments.

" next gameThat's how you lose.Terima kasih atas vidio nya.Did you know that no one is talking about the actual bug?Why is keiths face 90% mouth?I'm trying to understand it for my AP class, but I'm the first to admit that I'm just plain ignorant when it comes to molecular biology.I'm sure even he wouldn't have seen up to the "fortress" point with rook and knight against queen.

Whoa, an electronic chess board.You always make great vids very well explained and informative.Haha, sliced into your Grrrrrripper at 2:00.Difficult to follow looking at it from the side.He has all the success Diddy n bird man had but he was over looked.

You mentioned Dennis Ritchie as co-founder of Linux.I'm from Omaha, NE.Para makatulong sa bawat pamilya.I'm interested in the file with the pieces showed.Man im weak good battle phara just need better delivery but she got good barsmuch respect to both.Excelente trabajo.Should've put the resin through a vacuum chamber to get all the bubbles out.If I were in your shoes I'm uncertain if I could sell it to someone I do not know well.

Where you live ?Loved the explanations!I wish to work with you.God bless your kids.5:00 im sorry but did that part say Slerp.Ian Nepomniachtchikwhchifdsdfioocvjdifjchi displays these expressions as if he is too good to be there.Magnus feels his king is unsafe on d7 in a middle game with all the major pieces and two pairs of minor pieces on the board.I believe you when u say u fell on ur head, probably bounced a few times and kept landing on it, then ur 400lb neighbor tripped over ur foot while u laid there and landed on ur head again, causing u to flip end over end down a flight of 20 stairs.Looks like the new model.

Robin Sharpley

Simply stunning work.Awesome.

Kamran Shah

Mam plz mjhy zror rep dena aj, mre pas half pound ka tin hai uske liye kitna flour chahiye

99/20/04 Columbine

nice board John


1.29 - Ivanchuk having another nice moment with himself as usual b4 every game )Antonio, you do know how that sounds, right? )

Jim Hemphill

4 commercials and 6 fucking pops ups in a ten-minute chess game. I didn't watch the end, fuck that.

Bernd DasBrot

Self made edge-pro clone, nice.

Sathvick Satish

Happy Birthday!

dely Agreda

Youhave a good


Just wow. Ne8 is just unbelievable move. And the confidence with which Carlsen went to all this variations.