Why How to Train Your Dragon 2 is the Weakest One

Thanks for holland Merry xmas.Ye to mere bas ka nahi.3:04-3:25 had me dying LMFAOO.I am able to wear a mask at work idc first its bats that gave it to u now it's just everywhere?"Classic John lol.

And also whole pattern.

And also whole pattern.

Every time he says this position was never reached again I usually had a blitz game that resembles it.I solved last knight puzzle with ease, it has multiples solutions.Some wrong words in Czech subtitles.He’s on another level.7:19 I'm going to argue this position would be better for white but only if black didn't have all those extra pawns.Jebnij si w gowe.

OmgggI never thought about

OmgggI never thought about

Draw was achievement.If u use lichess or chess.Am i missing something?Who’s here after part 2.Simply Brilliant!Yourworried about your electricbill.Thanks for sharing!To agadmator:Just so you know, I found the Saint Louis Chess Club through your channel.I AM HAPPY FOR HIS GIRLS TO HAVE HIM AROUND MORE.

It's not fast when you already

It's not fast when you already

Legend has it that thelegend27 solved it in 2.A better lesson is: don't take unless you have a rule or reason to.Think I'll build me a still, it can double as a steam bender!Love watchin ya work.In the end we all die.And sure enough, I have been "light" on my Caro-Kann study.Jo market me cheeze milta h vohi h ya koi or cream h.

I still remember how happy

I still remember how happy

And its nt Blitz game!Cool seeing the technique followed up with a belt sander.I'm new to chess, this Fischer guy seems pretty good.I tend to be allergic to all the sawdust from projects so I'm always filtering.Tu gk tau main yg pegang putih hahahaa.I don't think black got the win due to any skill or planning but simply because of white's blunders.Worth every picoseconds.

Why would you ever pan away

Why would you ever pan away

I think any keyboard warrior who wants to criticise Agadmator at not being good at chess, I suggest you try a 5 min game against one of the hustlers in NYC they probably have an ELO rating near 2000 and Magnus is 1k more than that.One 30 cm must be 60 cm.Thanks its working.Dog's bark started like that porn noise on Twitter I lowered the sound immediately.Sho I heard them lowkey lit vocals nigga!Using the calculator in Windows 10, it only deviates from being an integer after 30 significant digits!Great production values.

I have one of those filecleaning brushes.I love that the subtitles just quietly corrected Tom's "centuries" to "millennia".The voice and sound effects is soo soothing to listen to!You gave really great directions, clear and concise.Nakaka iyak si roel.That's what's on my bar top.At least my HPE is still working, if only I could find a better video card for it.23:40 no wonder you won, queen moving like that.


does anyone truly believe in this crap what this dude making? xDDDDDD


What happens if they draw all the way to 6.5 points each?

Emin B.

Amazing :))

Marek Olsen

JJDD was 2019 doe

Olivia Dilworth

When Eugene introduced Kimbop at the end it was so adorable I immediately smiled. He talks about him on the Trypod and it's amazing how first day adopting, the dog is already sleeping happily in his lap

Dexterity Angling

i love gawain jones hes not afraid to try things and plays really fun attacking chess. His grand prix dvd in the ginger gm series is excellent. Granted Carlson plays perfectly here to defend, against others on another day i bet gawain would have pulled off a fantastic win.


Me encanta tu canal. Este vdeo me ha resultado especialmente til.Muchas gracias

obaid umar

How you guys do coding lol i can't

Not a gamer


Bryan Black

This guy is a complete turd. I would beat him with a bag of chess pieces and ask him how his position is in between each strike.

Ashley Hoeller

King vs knight with two swords

Ian Cailliau

Just an engine player I'm guessing.


Sadly there’s no English subtitles

Tony Lee

At 13:19 why didnt white move knight to G5


it seems the extreme learner is also extremely clueless, so it evens out.


Wyszlo zajebiscie, jakie rodzaje drewna uyes?

Doll - Master

"If 1/0 = and 2/0 = , we could say that 1 is equal to 2"Yes, that is pretty much correct. It is approximation, and is always used with numbers way smaller than 0. When you're comparing two numbers to infinity, they are pretty much the same. To visualize this: pick two nubers in a graphing engine and start zooming out. Whatever it is the distance between your numbers, they'll always end up in the same point if you get far enough. I'm not claiming x/0 = , but only pointing out that the mathematical "errors" are only a perspective problems, that can be resolved by using or "is similar to" instead of =

John Gormley

I love the childhood art work. Should hang in a museum over some modern art.