When Will The Try Guys Die?

"It was at this moment that stockfish resigned" - Agadmator.What a quantum jump from g2 to f4.Omg i was so scared till i saw 15:36.What is going on?That Shortwave Philips radio (AE3205) from the early 90's stil works flawless.

23 "way too relaxed.Muy bueno pero subele el volumen.At 9:29 F3 is a hot square, hit by the white bishop, so the pawn move to F4 should be illegal.My vote is for more evil, make the most evil troll level possible.

Ty for the commentaries kc.Mixed feeling about the meme, funny but definitely distracting.BERNI SANDERS,YOU THINK YOU CAN DO BETTER THEN TRUMP?The ruler stop with magnets was a great idea !I am a great fan because of his genuine love for the game, enormous charisma and wisdom gentlemanly interaction (SLCC take heed) beyond his years.

Like a web template.Lovely piece set (for the price), but who even thought to go with non-square "squares".Followed by a d-pawn advance, opening files to attack.Nkakaiyak Yung acting Ni Joko Diaz ehh patawarin Mona Sinon habang buhaY pasana Si tatay Mo.Where the hell is the video i dont wanna hear this crap!Maybe worth doing a video showing the effect of different oils on different woods?Bishops can do it diagonally and knights are known for their ability to get to squares that are not easily accesible.Song at 18:30 song btw.I've won tournaments on lichens but I still suck.Perhaps I'm missing a key principle.

And suddenly,it is not.

And suddenly,it is not.

Try using their clear counter top coating for more depth and durability instead the brushed on polyurethane.Hoseok is physically cringing lol.Please donate today to free the clowns.Its sounds tense and eerie as if the place is gonna blow up, but also quite sad as she arrives home.He keeps on practicing chess to improve his talent.Ben you were in Novi Sad in 1988!

Which it not an espresso.And yes we want to watch!I boiled my strip for 5 minutes and it broke immediately.That part you show how to make a circle, amazing!Now there were other electronic quiz games at the time that were cheaper using internal memory like Name That Tune.Standing while drawing (especially figures in larger format) is much easier and allows the drawer to get better movement because heshe is using their entire body.Now I have a question.1:39:55 The Magical Road Was so cool.Moral of the story.Very annoyed at myself help me out bro !

15:27 Hahaha, that one

15:27 Hahaha, that one

I hope the demons are raping him in hell.No pieces have been taken but the game is already over in his mind.That's gotta hurt after all the time invested into one of these.Oh my Lord the beeping.That's why he is a champion!I won with this trap with exactly the same moves as you told.The prop cavitation bubbles are amazing.

Instead, flip down the metal plate on the joiner and adjust its position wrt the top surface depending on the board thickness.Is there a reason you faced the second end to length before peeling it to size?Is there a 3D printer that can print more than one color at the same time on one item?I want to see a "check out my Home Depot" video.Because of you're tricks i have won a lot of games.

Nick P

This was a World Championship game?Why was their opening so terrible?

Erkan Ulu

suggestion Alexander Morozevich vs Maxime Vachier-Lagrave Biel International Chess Festival (2009)


Really wish we could have seen MVL in Tata Steel. Sucks he got hosed out of candidates too :/ one of my favorite players!

Peter Reda

Wut who won?


caus that's checkmate in 3

Lunar eclipse

This was on my for you page and omg so happy it was I LOVE THIS CRAZY CRAFT

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17:59 you didn't mention he also wanted to mate with the bishop