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That's not how you're supposed to play chess.In the second diag, that happens just occasionally.Instructive as always.GREAT GAME EVEN WHEN BOTVINNIK DESTEROYED THE FUN TAL AND HIS MAGICAL MOVESCANT BLAME HIM NO OTHER WAY!Great video, it seems like a lot of the newer chess videos are stressing that it's not worth memorizing thousands of openings unless you know the idea behind what you're doing and this video suggests learning the overall kind of shape your pieces are in.Just knowing these 8 things exist will make you more humble when thinking of yourself as a chess player, making it easier for you to evaluate your play at any given moment.Why don't he just demonstrate it on the computer instead of pointing into the projector which is blocked?9:31 why'd black resign?

I also enjoyed the original animated

I also enjoyed the original animated

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At 16,48if this line had

At 16,48if this line had

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I literally guessed the move because I thought of the most counter-intuitive move possible.


I'd love to play against some of those guys, without timer though! it's impossible when you have that pressure, at least for me

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At 4:00, when the Queen takes the pawn on H4, why can't the rook can just slide across the 8th file and give the king space to avoid the checkmate?



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Actualy you can play for endless period of time :/

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I love watching Daniel Naroditsky aka RebeccaHarris work on Magnus Carlsen. He is a very sharp GM and he gives Magnus a workout. I've seem him adopt Magnus a few times on lichess.


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Why KF1?

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I do not play anymore but seems an amazing piece of art. We use to study with books at that time. Great moments.

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Challenge: Make the same chopping board without electric tools