When an Amateur Challenges a ​Chess Grandmaster

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The pawns giving it their best.Nobody has proved a rocket has worked in a vacuum.The uncrowned king of Lichess!Hi can you send me a link for the hold down tool on your router table best regards Colin (Mac's Woodworking).Yo who got the link?

Should I chill a little in fridgebefore

Should I chill a little in fridgebefore

When you said to try it in the first video, I immediately wrote a very simple program to test it.It's amazingzabardast.The scrolling in this run is all broken.Tal is all time best player.2: 23: 164: 25: 1046: 587: 5448: 18029: 14624810: 17978611: 788984012: 11517430.This hustler looks just like Chessmaster 10th edition.2:12, opponent is intimidated with offcenter stare.

Thank you Magnus andJan And condolences Peter!I’m not trying to be negative I want more Magnus and chess 24 vids.I think that if someones child dies because of them they should be made infertile.why can you tell me.Add a couple of pieces of ply in line with the white tube, tapered from the top edge of the collection box to the top edge of the white tube and you will solve that issue.Always releasing tutorials when I most need them.Just bought a new plane few days ago for my work.The adventure time violinviola only had 2 strings.Cheers and respects from Madrid, Spain.Someone give me the backstory on John Johns a Sniiiiper.

Good work Shaun!Gonna go very easy on you, a king and a pawn for me onlyMe with a giant army: loses after 5 minute.What am I missing?Or time to build one for themselves.Anytime there's a female in any hiphop scene she done fucked everybody lol.But taste is good.Such game makes me feel chess can be creative nowadays, till u find out that was home prepared with all fish in the ocean.

Yeap, it was the one I played!Carlsen has played some incredible engine moves over the course of his career (as he still does) that would require 10 minutes of analysis by Ginger for us to understand them.I can understand demon language.Name of the game andcwhere can i get it?You can use it indoors.You said sorry about 2 videos in a rowI said thanks for 2 videos in a row.Omg it weighs 50-70lbs nope stupid it weighs around 30- 40 lbs.My nose might be scent free of any odor(the fact that i spent 15yrs of my youth spraying grafitti, and have been working as a painter for over 20 yrs), i smell burnt plastic but thats about it.The new good stuff.From both side.

Ja, train with me if you want to live.You are like an old friend.Hello Im mongolian and im proud of old players.Why can't she learn how to speak English properly?Dr Who killed loads of Daleks.Oh wow, I didn't know it.Excelente trabajo!At 0:41 it sounds like he’s joking Oh it’s so spicy.Isn't this Battle vs Chess ?

Neobro 234

Yo I had an R4 those things were sick

Obsidian Boat

I am level seven in chess

Blaine Headrick

Hey Destin! If you clip his lab mic on the Lapel of his jacket it will hide the wire and keep it from scratching.

Greg LaVanway

Whoever played "Erik Satie Gnossienne No.1" at 1:49:19 hosed it all up!

WoozY aka Mikaboshi

hi , as a fellow technician around 14:20 where u say any pci card should work. That's not always the case. Sometimes if the generation of pci express is too much of a difference she might simply not work. For the rest great video! wish i had one of these available when i was a youngster learning the techniques :)

Alexandru - Teodor Strugaru

I have just won two or three blitz games just because I did NOT resign when it looked like I should have!I am starting to REALLY like your channel

Suvojit Debnath


Jazzmin Ranga

i am a big fan of you


16 minutes I just spent watching and no finished product pictures wtf?


Soul knight is awesome tho

Prijesh Bikram Shahi

10:07 Magnus : THanK YoU veRy MucH It's beEn a pLeASurE

Aurora Mancin


adilson paiva

Ver good


Very impressive!

Jesse Kincel

Me, having shown no interest in wood carvings at all:YouTube: Check this out!Me: Oh... Okay..?

David Kimber

Game volume is way louder than your voice. And your voice sounds like it's coming from a tube. Otherwise, great games! (so far, only about 21 mins in)

Chimas HW

Bishops and rooks are the same result?


That last 30 seconds (well.. 10ish seconds of play by Magnus), oh my goodness - the move speed and to win... Mindboggling