What your computer chess analysis engine is telling you (Fritz Tip #0027)

It looks great will surely try.Grind some beans for us.the Grim Sleeper from South Central Los Angelos was a horrific serial killer with 118 bodies!It's really hard for me to get into the games when I'm jumping in halfway through.Kingofdice66 Then it would be mate in a few moves.What was the build?Is it really hard to make your keys fit so well?Saving this for my kids,they are b's looking for c's.

In the first game black is actualy better because white played f3.You must survive now!Watching Techmoan's videos led me here.I’m confused if they’re standing in a straight line how can they see so many people in front of them unless the height difference is dramatically different in each person they wouldn’t be able to see everyone in front of them so there for this wouldn’t work?I hope this isn't a health potion, because trying drinking half a litre of potion juice in the middle of a fight will get you killed faster.We all know what's going on.Or, have it silver plated, etc.

You inspire alot of people I AM SURE!"Ha, I know how to use a drill!I heard the "Casanova killer" but never really heard of him until today.Doesn't find this problem "insanely" hard.I loved mine :-D.

Ne4 would get followed with a CxNe4

Ne4 would get followed with a CxNe4

It has so much slop in it you are better off free handing the cut.John is the fifth Try Guy.That feeling when it takes 3 and half hours to fight the first trainer.Thanks I became more good at chess by watching your videos,your my IDOL.I wonder if AlphaZero counts the number of undefended pieces -- or is looking at something else entirely.Repent and believe the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to be saved.I slept in and got there 90 min early and barely made it.My Fadal won't rapid at that speed LOL.I would have loved it if you had stopped him and just mentioned that IPA as a solvent is pretty tame.

FWIW: the chess pieces at

FWIW: the chess pieces at

Is this kiwami Japan?(You would move the opponent's pieces for them when the LED changes.Instructions unclear, computer has morphed into bloodthirsty mechasnake.It mean this generation are weak, we all know young stronger anand not even close to kasparov!More of this guy please!

Keith Andrade

Lol. Hikaru I just wish I can reach at your level. Sounds ambitious but possilbe.

Andy Jiao

It's like solving an equation in base 3!


great to see a tactics vid.


Nakamura makes a joke out of armageddon. Giving this guy 4 minutes and draw odds means he gets 3 minutes more than he will ever need to finish a game, oh and draw odds.

Damian Giacomotti

hello first of all apologize if there is any error I am using a translator to embroider this message. I am damian from argentina I follow you a long time ago I like it Much what you do but I do not understand what you're saying I wondered if you could activate the subtitles in Spanish.

Somto Vitus

Magnus sings while playing fast chess. I don't remember singing while playing even blitz.

Eemeli Paavola


Iram Velazquez

I've been learning Russian for about a month now and I just realized that I've been doing most of the things this person talked about and YES it definitely works because my girlfriend (a Russian speaker) is very impressed how fast I'm learning.

Shining Darkness The Fallen

The loss you had at 1:26:00 before he pushed the pawn to guard the queen you could have sacked the rook and then the bishop with check and won the queen!



Vaporized Hollow

How to checkmate in 2 moves against a man who lost his brain 10 years prior


These videos feel a bit slow, but very relaxing and interesting to watch!

Chris Ahearn

Nice that your still making these, I this was one of my favorite things a few years back

James Ford

Did TED-Ed just say "Meme?"

Danny Mccullagh

So precious

Jeff Jefferson

what program is he or are you using for reconstructing games?


46:30 I love Royce's perspective on things, but I dont agree with everything he says, like this (which Adam led him to, tbf)Kid Rock was never just a straight hip hop guy.He had elements of that in his music, but he always had a rock aspect that was kind of more prevalent.Or maybe its more accurate to say that his lyrics were delivered as a rap, but the music itself was rock.But even in his early days, I would never have classified him as a hip hop artist.And ppl change as they age, hes always had a respect for white culture (yes, we do have one, blacks grow up with Biggie as the background at the BBQ, white folks have memories of Hank Jr. at the pig pickin).And he gravitated to that more as he grew.Em clearly has that in him too, with how he utilizes certain songs in his music (Aerosmith, Pink Floyd, etc).But thats Detroit I guess.Its Motown, but its also Rock City.


If anyone knows what witchcraft (hair dye) that Noen kid has in his hair please inform me... I need it.

Angel o

We don't care about his childhood history. We're here to know about what happened in McDonald's like the title says.

Eduardo Serrano

in 28:22 after knight to f5, I think Carlsen should have go bishop bg1 (to g1) then, the white tower can't go toh2, also white knight can't help, whatever white does, next move for black can be pawn to h2 and I think blacks wins or not? anyone can analize this?

Naomi F

AWWW Rachel was a beauty pageant and now she is working with the 4 beauty standards of Youtube:):)

George Queiroz

The work was perfect until 8:31