What is Stalemate ? (Stalemate means Draw)

I REALLY loved this commentary!Mom son what are u watching?Itry to speak to FLINTSTONE but understand nothing,what language did the he speak?I would have been the one that gets everyone killed.The only reason mice get cancer is because they are used for experimentation.The result was : The most amazing, fluffiest bread I have ever eaten.1:11 why not kight to g5?Uuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmm.

Heh my Acer Nitro 5

Heh my Acer Nitro 5

Servus Thosa, kannst du mir mal bitte schreiben welche Alu Profile Du verwendest.G6, and if I then put the bishop at g7, it was blocked by the pawn at e5.Do everything you can to avoid bloat-ware.Love the music, I could listen to Jazz all the time.The back of your cajon is too thin and that's why your sound lacks a rich bass.It'd be great to see more of his lectures.My favorite: Latvian Gambit.Magnus looked very shaky in this game.If youre interested in hacking your 3ds now, all you need is a sd card reader!

Fuuuuuuuck caffeine.

Fuuuuuuuck caffeine.

I thout Greenland was on a planet called earth and earth isn't infinite.At 5:25, is Nc4 not a better move?I would love the opportunity to play you!My love for chess is continuously growing mostly because of you.Good Job Ben (I mean of course Grandmaster Finegold.

Em vn comment up.No entiendo contra quien jugaba?B to E6 Kn to C3.Best explanationalgorithm of this checkmate ever!What a great game.

God Bless you and

God Bless you and

How much do you sellThese for?Didn't expect that!Ima keep spamming.Very nice job, I’m just starting in wood working and I’ve tried to build a few boxes but just don’t come out very nice, I think I’m rushing threw it too fast, thanks for the video.Your method is just fine.Not to mention their growing fandom.

4:33 Jan Gustafsson says like U-boat captain: "I must hunt then down and destroy them.Kabhi mere saath kekho me batau kaise kela jata hai.Video is putting me to sleep.I sometimes feel these videos are fake.Believe me, I've tried.

Excellent !   music------


Gottfried von Bouillon

Thank god Ben showed this ginger kid whos boss!!!!

Mr Platon 91

The grave stone over Magnus n Hikaru really look like a dildo....


They’d be making a great strategy in the WW3

Fatima Ali

What? 1000 $ for alabaster?

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GLEN Dooer

Opening a mental working work shop first thing Monday 12th of never.


I believe that the trap is named after Richard Reti, from the 1920s.

Dmitry Houdini

Soon Hikaru become an engine.

mark Luther king

16:09 lmfao vir dai moffie

Mourad Shahir Abdel-Sayed

in 5:20 why did vladamir not capture the knight and remove the defender of theg2 square

Edward Jackowski

Big mamas boy!!!!

R2 D2

at first times I iike your videos, but for last times, you talk to much for less action... the balance is away...and your openings becomes too long... but otherwhile your videos are okay and i watch them

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