What can we learn from the classic chess book The Life and Games of Mikhail Tal?

Man that is an awesome cutting board!A better name would be "to trade would be a mistake".You see with going with this lolp.Funny but I memorized all the moves first go around.1:44:15 Shout out to MVL and Magnus' French accent haha!

I know this happens quite often, but I dont understand how anyone who has a child can forget them in the car?Saikumar at his best.Chess is so much more intense IRL.The 36 officers problem is impossible.Suka suka suka blyat.I'm a little envious of his machinery.Not my 5th grade.

SHOW SOME RESPECT YOU IDIOT!Agadmator: Sir, your analysis is just addictive.I really enjoy your commentary.Thank you, you two are such a sweet couple.WORST CHANNEL EVER.This belongs at a museum.Thanks for sharing your talent, thoughts and videos.In high school, one of Bartok’s simple pieces made me want to play the piano, but mom said there was not enough room for a piano.Every time i watch the bench buildi want to hit the shopbut too chilly nowlike i said i need to downsize it for my shopi have plans to rebuild the shop and have more room adding router table to table saw nowas i am ablemy body suckscan only work about 15 minates at a timebroken back and neck kinda mess things up.

"follow your instincts" - worst chess tip ever.Love the content dude!9:56 minor humblebrag.Bernt has too much spit in his mouth.Come out, come out into the tall rye,There I will wait until the night,And will see the girl with the dark eyes,showcase all my goods.There are only 2 clones on the first row or column after all, so the greenland is less than that of the prison!Fckin fantastic build!And I hope you enjoyed this video I've been sitting on it for a long time.Still haven't finished watching it but my god Jerry, what an amazing and extremely instructional video!Did eugene just say a "double dip" joke?

NASA will contact you,

NASA will contact you,

Kasparov is truly a legend.They were genuinely ready, anxious, curious to hear the sweet comments, nervous, reigned, but steadfast, to the mean comments, etc.What a beautiful outcome.I'm so sorry for your microwave, also for anyone wondering, you can make caramel by boiling a whole unopened can of sweetened condensed milk in a pot filled with water for an hour or 2.At 13minute 33 i felt queen g6 is best move.But missed in tha game.

Travel size version of Wahoo.Would you mind to post a video of making chess pieces in wood ?I used to have a Commodore 128 and thought it was super cool until I discovered that nearly all the software developed required me to boot up in 64 mode.The symbol 7 in Arabic is actually the number 5thus the reaason that there are only five interior angles.I think its important to note that the fifth puzzle has several FORCED mates but only one mate in one.

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We're in the end game now

Borjo Xadrez

2 illegal moves in a row...

Quiet Corner

Anish Giri said that he (Magnus) has proven to be a piece better than the rest

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What's inside i5 Cpu


Why does the clock keep adding time when they get down to like 3 seconds?

me aul jazzer

Nice job man. I learned a lot. Pity the owner didn't want more done to it. I restored 69 yr old gates for a 92 yr old woman a few yrs ago for free in the freezing cold month of January. Took me 2 weeks Broke my heart. Wud have took me a day to make new ones.

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what are those


...18 Bc4xf1. not mate, but lost!

Phite Onn

Sorry, no tips, you're on your own )

Andrew Perash

Your commentary was wry, dry, and very funny. Job well done! P.S. Young men chase women hoping to catch one. Old men know they can't, so they blame the women for being beautiful and causing their desires.



LOVE the animation in this, good job!

Sameet Khadka

I thought it was paul morphy who said the quote though

Luca Schinder

3:37 was hurtful to watch LOL


You've made me so passionate about the world of mario odissey speedrunning. I didn't know I could become obsessed with speedrunning at all, but you made it happen, thanks


Fisher used to play like this. Just random moves to get his opponents out of book. You don't beat Carlsen on having to think for yourself.


wow has to suck being around rank 4 the world and barely never winning over someone who's just a couple rnaks higher,, :/

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Help me understand??? The N95 masks won’t help the general population from getting covid19 but they do help health workers from getting it. How does the mask know which person is which?So- are they hoping the general population is just plain stupid?

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3:54 Bxd4 was a better move! this man got no tictacs.