What's inside The LEGO House?

This is 30% magnus.There is a Rousseau gambit though.Gute Arbeit -)Tiroler.

These guys play

These guys play

Have you ever tried controlling your Makita with that trigger, instead of just yes or no?That is what got me interested in woodworking.The irony was not lost on meP.Di menit 4:30 ketika raja mundur ke d3, menurut sy langkah terbaik gajah jangan memukul kuda, melainkan benteng makan pion a5.I would be smoking the killer out of that!Its the same music thats on cat videos.I've seen demonstrations where they have the two dimensional board and they place the kings and queens on the wrong squares then they flip the sides so like the black pieces would be at the white area and the white pieces would be at the black area.

Man i need a doorstop.This is pure ASMR.The camera is inappropriately placed.I'm in the middle of a similar build.Well done Shaun!Especially the games when A0 was killing opponent's bishop come to my mind when I look at Alekhine's knight :P.Thank you for this I am I have understood everything that you thought and I had seen this video back and I am seeing because I have gone for the inter school just completion thank you.I was curious to ask how much work hours it took to finish?

I wish he'd have mentioned how you find a solution.Just joking, I can't tell you how many pepper mills we have worn out!So both players aren’t sitting there for 15 minutes trying to Figure out who’s turn it is.English is too bad.I am a classical musicfan and although their may have been some rertoire on 45 I never came across it.

I hope you notice and change this

I hope you notice and change this

Amazing looking cutting board.Last time was a draw" AmazingD.I love the Channel but this video kinda pisses me off, because what’s the difference between using an engine or books or cheating and playing on an account that’s purposely lower than your rating.Aaaaaaannnd it's gone.When you wet the board in the final steps, use denatured alcohol instead of water!Another great vid.

Can I just say I love the shop workhorse Baltic Birch.This is why i rlly love to see gen playing other heroes other than mm, it's full of laughter and I can see him not stressing.Also, was there an alternate mate on the last one by taking the black knight with the white square bishop, or would that not work?If a minor piece move like the one you mention at 11:55 is bad if it can get kicked back, why is it played so commonly in the Ruy Lopez?Horrendous camera angle.Awesome analysis!I Like the quote, very true!Wow what a treat.What if the pawn takes knight on e5?

It's much more convenient and believable.

It's much more convenient and believable.

But aarokkeyoo illathaakkki.It might be more complicated than that, but that would mean you can click a button on your bookmarks and get the random challenge.I really enjoyed this video it's calm, easypresented, clear,and informative.Have any Grandmasters shown a quicker way to win by not taking the bishop?Quite a useful website and has explained the details of the concept of many questions in various practical ways.Between 2 human GMs I think black would do just fine most of the time.Bravo por el trabajos, felicitaciones!I've always thought you couldn't.


7:09 the queen could've taken the pon! i don't know how a CHESS MASTER MISSES THAT! shame...


It's fun to watch this commentary. We all can relate. When we are taken to the woodpile and don't walk right for a week.

The Huzaiz

Why are u gae?

Chris Freeman

now it just went down for real today folks nothing like deep drilling and thats what she said !!!!!!

Colin Udoh

I’m sure someone has mentioned it already but at 11:00, what is wrong with Nb3/Nf3?

Carlota Magbag

3:52 ano ginagawa mue

Crystal Chia

moedo u remember one room beautiful .that room tom catering with evil ,demon ,ghosts., ibis ,satan talking ,meetingplace.

Daisy Jonkers

Great game! I have enjoyed it. This shows how much endgame knowledge they actually have at that level. Very instructive game aswell. Ding Liren makes it look so easy to play. Very impressive. Thanks for explaining his intentions John Bartholomew I learned a lot cause of it.

MD Mynul Hossain

extra ordinary idea

Sean Joseph

dude you still rock with this tutorial it has just worked for me i have a old dell Optiplex 745 that i just brought back to life by removing Ram sticks 3and 4 upgrading to windows 10 Thanks a Milly !

Sol Feinberg

Doesn't the kid win connect 4 at 6:40?

vonholz 81

Screw you

Tony Nameless

Dude you look sick. Are you ok ?

Shawn Smerlick

I have the army of darkness chess set which is relatively rare only found one for sale at 280 original 800