What's inside a Magic Chess Board?

I want my Queen to have a better crown.It is like a gay contra.Nakaka long kot po yong kwento kahit binoboli ako ng mga kaklase ko piro mag sisikap ako dapat hindi ako mawalan ng pag asa sa buhay.Sicillian najdorf is very Hard to master need deadly pricise.Hermosa coleccion.I watched all three videos.

Next instead of making them build more IKEA furniture you should make them build a Lego set without instructions.- develops black knight with a tempo?Good work but that was way too long and dramatic to watch all the time.I like the 2nd leg set.1st viewer and likerp.Although I do have to drag the camera into the paralkax background camera slot in order to work.Green is what material.Its frustrating being a piece up with no clear way to converrt to a win !Alan’s cholesterol level went up a hundred times by eating that soup.

Antonio "sorry about that" Radic.Fisher was a genius,no doubt but it seems sostrange to me that hedidn't play the line suggested at the 14 min mark with Nxb5!Is there a reason to have more than two, on for each hand?Awesome skills and interesting video but I don’t think the reward was worth the risk.A pawn up but ended up with pawns like someone kicked white in the face with teeth scattered on the board.

Danny is a lot smarter than he looks.

Danny is a lot smarter than he looks.

One of the best videos on youtube.I hope they succeed in denying you the nomination.Fascination material.Wendy the blood is on your hands to.I wish I could make her my gf.Nice videos Jerry, you are awesome.The other 5%:BOI I WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE.--- Eugenio d’Ors.Like always from you great job thumbs up my friend.

Thanks to WEBDEMONPRO007,

Thanks to WEBDEMONPRO007,

I wonder if the kiln dried piece that didn't form checks, was also placed beside the fireplace to dry faster like the others?Hey jerry would you ever consider adding to the beginner to master playlist?It would be cool to make stifling engines in this.As you have said you just delete the comments you don’t like I’m sure you remove this also.Love your videos.color looks pretty.What happened to your arm?What's his number.  Greg Shaun Boyd Show.

Rewatching it is the most beautiful thing i've done.Mikhail Tal and Bobby Fischer guide this kid xD.So I like your videos for that.What a crazy game!Rensch is chess.Geechi Gotti too real for this Rap Battle shit.If he didn't offer you a job, i would be surprised.I remember learning about her on this show called True Nightmares.Sharpening that chisel might be a good idea !

Jared Wall

Naka is such a salty nerd.


This will forever be the anthem of my childhood <3

Christian Carrere

Very nice piece congratulations! Regards from Argentina.


He said once, that he was playing lot of chess in high school and he feels confident in his abilities )


"sorry that's not a C"xD

Leapy 99

Great looking speakers. Too good for the shop.

Ramci Diaz

what if alphazero vs stockfish 10? can AZ destroy SF10?


Who won the match?

Almir Andrade

If I watch a 4 hour C tutorial .... No ... I can't code...


9:32 Insert Vsauce Music

easy peasy

The music is so smooth. I listen to it in the background while doing my Arduino project. xD

Ry Meinders

Came here from agadmator’s channel. Very fun.

Tom Wolstoncroft

John, as always you are awesome! I have been trying to subscribe to your channel for months now, since your match against GM Huschenbeth. Every time I try it says there is a network error and I am not able to subscribe. However, I am able to subscribe to other channels. Still, I search for your videos often and like and comment because you are the best chess instructor on youtube. Thanks again for all the content.

ste b

Super Strong Joints!

I knew only one use of blindfolds uptill now

Emanuel Dodu

Kasparov was pure sadistic !


Women players' favorite chess pieces.

Ilham Blaine

Maybe suren or matojelic will be the next

Scott Gartner

I had chills several times watching this video.Thanks Destin!I wish you were on something other than Patreon so I could support you again.

Mai Mona

Dami ko luha


too many ads...im out.


Why didn’t he just take the rook for the first one


A fun but very challenging chessboard to make is one where you make the grid on the surface of a slab of wood which has a natural side rather than being square from cuts (think a tree that was hollowed out by fire). It's tough to find the right piece and make flat spots that flow but it's a pretty neat idea.

Ahmadjon Rajabov

There is a three step one that works 80 % of the time dmme if u want to know

Gary Richardson

FF v b ft

Thomas Raymond

They call that hinge bound. You will be able to feel the tension when you close the lid

Dave Connolly

Imagine you could go back and show them your playlist on your mobile phone and say "look what ya started!"


Miniature chalk art I Art With a Piece of Chalk -

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I had done with pin. Finally I got it tq for this video


Thank you so much for using IntelliJ