WGM Tsatsalashvili Keti - Gokcek Kursat Bugra, K.I.D., Blitz chess

I have seen this kid crying on the last part of a video.You had me hooked all day that my husband is going to divorce me lol.Yourmind isgenius.No magical knights tour.

Ok then I can just make money from playing out.At 15:00 how can we guard the pawn on h8 if white moves Knight to g1 ?Mechbeth is my fave.LIKE WHY IS HIS MOUTH CONSTANTLY HANGING OPEN?My parents lived super close to this when this was happening!

Its a bit like me 'playing golf' without the ball and then actually putting the ball there to hit.I love this guys laugh, its adorable.Very nice but too expensive.Cool team fight.Every day at some point he has you go out back to count a small group of 8 rocks.What linux distribution are you using?Magnus missed mate in 3.Not to be dramatic or anything but I would die for Kimbop.

So just say lady luck is in your side that in 1 step.I don't understand this game can someone explain that how is magnus loss.Why did black not move to Ke8 at 10:36?Everything came back rushing through, my failures, disappointments of my family members, unable to get married, unable to find a job to suit my education, I was tired.Why some people disliked.I really enjoy your vids, even though I don't build anything.I th th 2 gii qu.It's very difficult psychologically to play any of the moves that Tal was known for, even for aggressive GMs.So in don't see why you couldn't use that a while.Nice build but I’d be concerned about the close proximity to that stove.

Does anyone know the software they use for these lectures?HE'S FROM CROATIA!Forgive my bad use of english, it is not my native language, so.Epoxy mixing on workbench thou.I learned a ton right here.What would be the basic tools.Then,it's all over.So you’re telling me I’ll always be too young for Bert?

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Sending lots of love from

Sending lots of love from

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In different statues differents points and links are activated. Can we consider these to be accelerated / turned left / turned right?



Julio Mercado

good job. i like the style.

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Le copi a naruto :v 2:55

Trevor Hawkeswood

another great game by the great tal!


When the white castle it's a check

sohail khan

I dont like this chess board


With out the opening theory The Deep Blue plays 1.Knight c3???????.The same story with rybka or houdini.Tsese the programs plays 1.e4 e5 2.Knight c3 and they give an advantage 0,15 pawns up for white.I like more 2.Knight f3!!!!!

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Mis likes

Eric Polston

are these commissioned pieces that you've made

SK Canadian Adventures

Nicely done!