WGM Fominykh (Russia) - WGM Mirzoeva (Russia)

It's meant to be $11576.Also, the naming of those variables.The ginger was talking shit while being beat lmao that’s not how it works.Why not NC6 after black played RA5, forking the rooks.It's a great tool for analysis, but I hate watching games with an engine.They are the sole reason why we are all suffering.For the pass back bAll it’s for loanly people like me.6:00 b horse lands in it your done queen can’t do anything.

"this is the closest thing to surgery"Laughs in violin bee sting."up") dir "down"function draw() background(0, 200, 0)let size 20let Snake Snake0 x: size 10,y: size 10for (let i 0 i Snake.This is very common in games with one of my friends because he sucks, so I restrict myself by not letting my queen or rooks onto the back 3 ranks.We don't stick together.Title: "The beautiful mind of Hikaru Nakumura"First second: " I Just blundered a pawn on C6".OMG i did a spreadsheet and i made the calculations of the first 204 numbers in the table 5.You will crash your machine.

If that crashed i can't imagine what kind of servers Hypixel use.I really appreciate your videos and your channel.Hi howcast plz you send best 5 move move check mate.Since it attacks the lungs I assume we need to protect them with remedies like eucalyptus tea or inhaling its vapor.At 8:10 g4 looks promising.

Could you list the equipment, stock.

Could you list the equipment, stock.

This will give you a similar product.Who invented the machines used in the process.As a proud citizen of the Commonwealth and lover of brown liquor I thought this was amazing.Unlike a board with all pieces aligned by grain direction, the end-grain pieces will expand in both directions.Very nice thanks, but refute the sicilian :D.Zach, can I just say, I just watched the hair surgery vid, and your hair looks so good.It reminds me of ''here no matter what'' in super high speed!I LIKE PROFILE PHOTO OF BOTH PLAYERS A LOT.

Magnus is funny.

Magnus is funny.

3:44 neu trang an tot qua duong xong trang nhay mb6 thi sao ak?Brackeys make a video about animations mask!Can you make a video there you play as defender?Sehr sehr sehr geil.Any matches against latest stock fish?You said rook to f2 is the best move but this move is a blonder Why?Biggest lie:Click if you are 18 Lier: Click.How does this have to deal with people and blogs!WHO is useless you must be all infected s you called it pandemic.

That's not the way I was taught chess.Welche zwei verschiedenen Holzarten hast du verwendet?To put all their 3d prints in.)Found your videos this morning and already want to do this one (I have the hardware for it) and the circle cutting on a router table without making holes.Bob then has to pass himself - Alice has 10 or 12 trees and he doesn't know which.We didn't even get a chance to say goodbye to the extra fancy truck.On 10:52 after.This is no ordinary kid.

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All fine, game, video, scripts but damn voice is too irritating.

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Did you make your belt sander?Looks very cool.Great build, thanks for sharing your time and talent I always learn something watching you.


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Magnus is amazing.GM Daniel King said roughly during his Lichess bullet tournaments: "He risks his reputation by playing in these public arenas".He won easily against some very highly rated players. Okay, two were won on time when one was drawing and the other was maybe losing, but he won.I also enjoy his frank assessments of the position.

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Diverging Diamonds work well when most of the traffic at an intersection is going to or from the interstate, rather than crossing over, so I'm not sure it was the best idea for that location where a huge percentage was just crossing over. Of course, that oval-about thing had a lot more lanes than the DDI had, and in a real live situation it would probably have a bit more accidents due to requiring a bit more load on the driver to get right. The DDI's have next to no load even if you're not really aware of what is happening, just a weird situation where you're briefly driving on the wrong side. Where I work we have a DDI intersection one mile to the west, and a roundabout intersection one mile east, both going to the same interstate, and I always take the DDI even though it's a 1 mile backtrack to where I usually need to go just because of how much nicer it is to drive through.

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I was math in high school but somehow I'm electrical engineering student in college now... I really miss math and the math world... it's true that we have calculus and algebra but...(edit:don't take my words seriously because I wrote them in the exams period but anyway I still miss the feeling of hard math)

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Hay lm anh . Lim

vinyas s

Hey just getting an error thatNullReferenceException in Shift function in Parallaxer

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it takes lots of patience but I lack in this field .. I'll go with second option ..I ll eat it

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4 percent chance

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Me: "I bet it's called the maths line."Video: "...called the Euler line."Me: "Told you so."

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My mom and dad are Mexican so they really didn’t understand the language back in 84’ since they were granted t visas at the end of 83’ ... fast forward in 95 or 96 my mom told me how they had plans on going to that McDonald’s... they lived around the corner at the time... the only thing that saved them was my moms dog taking off that day.. wow


Thank you for ur time. Really helpful.


That’s some shop you’ve set up.


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Very nice video! Please test out the new Centaur!


you're a pro, man! keep making these videos!

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Enna speed

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ACDC Edison distributed DC Westinghouse used AC some hotels in NY City had a DC generator in the basement. IF you plugged the cord in wrong, it didn't work, early radios used a Nichrome wire in the power cord to cut the voltage down for the radios that used 6volt tubes. What next after Transistors? I plan to live another 100 years to see whats next.


Rxd6 Bd7Rxd7 Rg8Rd8 Rxd8Qg7

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who is the winner?

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Where did you get that checkers mold?

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99.9% comments are about complaining that why is nakamura not in the tital 0.1% - my comment lol