Webinar « The Art of Defense in Chess » by GM Igor Smirnov

How did anyone want to play that lmfao.Whats inside whats inside?Use metric for a start means it isn't such a big deal.Strategically the blacks played poor end-game."You know the queens are very important to chess"9 year old immediatly takes his queen.How can I buy one.The man's passionate and I find that more important than how he "comes across".

So people won't think dices are not fair, even after me watching a video -Just, how's a Dice not really Fair.Some of the youth in my community he know the woodwork.What happens if 8.Raise yer hand if u wanna say something.Dear chess lovers, I also recommend you check out this crazy bullet game played by Magnus Carlsen.That picture of Edison looks like you Agadmator.Standing L-R: Nimzovich, Wolf, Mieses, Cohn, Leonhardt, Salwe, Vidmar, Berger, Spielmann, unknown onlooker,Dus-Chotimirsky, Tartakover (with black fedora hat), and Olland.Best chess learning channel.

RIP child in Heaven.Please keep putting them out.Suscribi a su canal saludos desde montevideo uruguay.I was able to make my own flappy bird(clone) called "Fly Barry, Fly".When you look for porn but end up learning chess instead.You should list your opponents ratings.And the plumb Bob trick is going to be almost impossible to do accurately because roofing material is so inconsistent in such a short distance.

Tell about chess rating.ORED was not professional enough to be prepared and he was not consistent in his rounds.I really enjoy your videos, please upgrade youre sound quality.Great video thanks :-).Rather than stagger for the second glue up, flip every other strip!Gen took Irithel’s buffIrithel:thank youGen sarcastic level: 1000000000.Sir can you do Saturn?No matter what white does blacks pawn is safe and secures the capture of whites pawn.Disappointing game from Maghsoodloo, too risky to attack when not castled yet.

Beautiful, will try it soon.The second to last guy on the left.At 4:23 why not rock A1 and then the other rock on B2 so Carlsen gets his queen.When you are in the tunnel.2 minutes in and there’s already 21 comments?I'm first from Hungary !Better idea take off your hat and look, no one said you couldn't.Awesome job, as always.

Andres Costa

Thnk U....for the teaching. I have a blue aluminum square like yours in my shop......I knew it was good for roofing.... bldng stairs....but no idea how to do it. Thnks for your time

Habsyah Embong Bulan

Sumpahh gue ngakak mulu

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i always watch this when i'm eating cheese

Monica Olaru

I think I'm in love. You're the most adorable and effective teacher on this site.


What happens when you swallow the powder will you choke

Till Faerber

6:40 Bishop f4  London System

John FredericK Samonte

Too much talking... Makes watching it boring... Stopped at 6:23...