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But I don’t know

But I don’t know

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Terrific video, wish I had all the

Terrific video, wish I had all the

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Made by a BEAutiful queen-Bea

I have no idea how I got here but I'm glad I did.Lol great video


I love this! Scrat is awesome!


I'm loving these videos Titan!!Those micro parts are INSANE!!!!

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U r doing a great job, very entertaining and informative.


BTW, whenever I ask Sicilian players what they worry about, they say they see 2.Nc3 so much they can beat it all day, but what they actually fear is somebody who knows the Open Sicilian better than they do, which is basically anyone who learns a single good line to use against them. Sicilian players have to learn so many variations and really just picking one or two good lines in the Open Sicilian will give you the chance as white to crush them with your superior knowledge of that one specific line. So just keep that in mind if you're looking to get good at 1.e4 long-term and start running into better and better Sicilian players.

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Thank you very much for another great video!!

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7.3 million views for this video is amazing

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I don't get it. What happened?

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Perfect job

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I love your videos, but every time you use a stupid unit, I have no idea what you are talking about. Stupid units are the ones which are not metric. So, a "3/4 inch board" is not only not common, it is totally unavailable!I wish you would not treat the world as American. 95% of the world have absolutely no idea what 5/16ths of anything is, or how much "Three thousandths" is. You should learn metric. Because metric units are not stupid.

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Something that I'm starting to learn is that your opponent s piece become more valuable the closer the get to your king so while you don't wanna trade your rook for a knightif the knight is getting to close his value gos up so it is worth capturing exchange for a rook knight

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I really enjoy how I think of similar candidate moves as suggested from the audience, and he actually explores and refutes some of them.

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Chess boards containing individual cut squares are very expensive to buy.

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Very nice instructive video!

Emmanuel Amponsah

Hey Thomas, this is a great tutorial, however, my animation (opacity change) is not showing. I've checked in the console to see if the message ('waypoints!') appears, and it does. Would you be able to help a brother out?

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I'm over 70 and watch your channel

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If you're wondering why the movie is named "Vettam", look at the scene at 1:01:05 and look at the dialogue. Also the scene at 1:00:40. Priyadarshan is a not only a veteran comedian, but a GENIUS