The thumbnail killed me.I learn alot of you even tho I don't have a drill mill or a lathe.I have school tomorrow and I need to sllleeeeeeepppp.

SALUDOS DESDE PERU.Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.No wonder he didn't show his phone on camera.2:30 Ptolemy to Pythagoras: Who's your daddy?No questions on permutations.Without Him there would be no Masons.Was pleasantly surprised lolthis is actually kinda dope.So much of music can be attributed to imperfection, it's part of what made the original marble machine special.Nope,never herd of them.

Very inventive idea using the

Very inventive idea using the

Edison was a massive prick in everything he did.People: If you keep eating that unhealthy and don't do sports you'll get cancer or somethingMy brain: If I become unhealthy enough my cancer cells can kill my cancer cells, I need to be even less healthy!Very very interesting,never thought it was possible.Sending lots of love from sunny Arizona.How am I suppose to remember so many rules?Lucky for me to be born in the same age with Harry Potter.Also "really great material properties" doesn't mean anything.

That's a super cool looking bowl.Hi, do u make those to sell them?Hikaru Nakamura from Romnia i love You.My father was a police officer during the time of Ivan’s captivity and arrest.But the proof contains a small hole: Alice can return in an old box but she still has to leave this box first, because its box has 4 unique sets of squares connected by sequential night moves.Chess with Suren.Ive never heard an accent like this.What if opponents are watching this.He has absolutely no idea about minimum strategy in four player chess.

This stuff is great.Do you have any plans for the rest of the glue-up from which you cut the veneer?Why didn’t you just give the piano to me.Plz cover that also.I nominate Rick and Friends as the all-time greatest cover band!

Awesome informational educational video experience Y'alls.

Awesome informational educational video experience Y'alls.

"Alekhine" is NOT pronounces "aa-ley-khain".Were always here for you.Wood spring is exciting too.Roxana was not Bactrian, she was Sogdian (Iranian ) the Great had a Persian-Greek mistress named Barsine.I think the game should have been simplified not to allow castling at all.Like right away-Anwar.It’s a free bishop.


Yeah, I'll just go ahead and buy that $6000 pc with the $6000 I definitely have to spend on it.

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The jokes was not funny at all

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hii i learn from you a lot! and do some extra tnx :)

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Hi. Like i wrote in the comment section of another video of yours, your tutorials are great!I have a question. Do you have knowledge of design patterns? And if so which one should I use? I am planning on rewriting the code using one, but I am new to this so I am a bit stuck.Or if anyone of the viewers cares to give some suggestion, the help will be greatly appreciated.


lua ftw


You are an inspiration for me, I'm 25 yrs I'm started to collect vintage tech

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Here in the United States there was a debate concerning which format was best.But, once the pornographers decided upon VHS, that was it, case closed, no more debate.Everyone bought a VHS machine, hands down, no questions asked!True story!


kleopl is lvl1?

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I'm a an expert on cake.

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57:12 thx for the tip