Warhammer 40K Mechanicus Review

Why does everyone hate Danny?He's the 3 under-14-year-old player in Israel and the 67 under-14 player in the entire world.I just have to bow.Has ONLY ONE MORE WIN AGAINST KARPOV.Will try your method to see if I get better results.3:00:00Here is a better version of the opening Hikaru played (or should have played) instead of the simply exchange French that he choose.Make my day and subscibe to my channel :).

What kind of sick people might have disliked this song?I'm not a shop guy, the most I've done was some band saw, drill press, and box break shenanigans (plus a little bit of milling) for a sumo robot in a college electronics lab course, but I've found myself watching these more and more.When dyrroth is free this week is good fighter and I think I gonna buy him.And I like Kirby Meets Audio channel too.The best way that white can do is Qf6 because when he eats the queen with his pawn you'll have the ability to double attack the king and the queen and that Will leave the white with pawns and a king.And she was very happy for this beautiful cake.Isnt this guy one of the voices in Ben Finegold's head?

Where is "From Hell"?

Where is "From Hell"?

Basically small fish bit the big chunk out of big fish.Anyone know a place that sells Larson style glasses like those?ARE YOU SERIOUS ?I called the number 1-800- 826-8608.What's the name of that clamp you are using on the table saw ?That came out looking beautiful and it was relaxing to watch, thank you for the video.I'm Dave Mustaine from megadeth and you're not.In real life, a DDI seems like a great upgrade of a traditional diamond interchange.

Instead of Vasilios Kotronias, it

Instead of Vasilios Kotronias, it

Why not call it "middle class mindset"?Days of mouse path(D-Door)D3, D2, D1 total-3daysFind the avg.You gain material and there's no forks that I can see.Wait I thought he made it home after the shooting and his wife couldnt tell nothin happened so how he die in the McDonald's.Please share more of these :) This was really fun to watch.5:17 and here we have a brand new chess invention: Alekhine's gun Carlsen Variation.Could you build a bigger one using the same concept?

One of the things you

One of the things you

JBL is brand of Harman Kardon.But how can you compensate for latency issues between different instrumentschannels on the programming wheel?Naka is Eric's daddy lol.Isne India ke liye bhut naam kmaya h.But I never knew it could be this exciting!You know, after watching all these excellent videos I am sorely tempted to try sacrificial play.Screw you, Steve.

57:32 nice little easter egg ) hehe.2:44 Me faking the fast parts in the orchestra.14 million subscribers!01 percent off for using the pliers as a hammer.What if white moves bishop to h6 after black moved bishop to e7 at 10:26 ?

Two things that make

Two things that make

One question are you randomly playing notes in the left?First name was Sandra and the other name was Fred.Jaks face when he pulled out the chain Lmaoo that nigga was hurt you can see it in em.Did I miss something?Dit is 'n besonderse prent.

Brett Todd

I really like the design and execution. I am kinda surprised that Jonathan hasn't convinced you to retrofit your crosscut sled with one of his stop blocks though.


awesome game



Raghuveer Dubagunta

Bareev hates draws

chitradevi visahan

Rd3 is a strong move in case

eugene lavatman

How do you play against: 1.e4 Nc6 2.g3

Steve Seay

Great project. Very useful!

koushik chanda

Plss suggest me the brand of red color u used ur cake is looking just awesome


I'm 100% sure if Anna was male, there wouldn't be any accusations of cheating.


Tabi iki iersen kaybedersin magnusss

Butler Bees

Paul Morphy exclam

Maxwell Zhao

Can you guys take things apart more carefully...? And take a look at the interesting parts? .-. It feels like this channel is more focused on breaking than examining.



Sauce the Boss

Dude!Sick job!!! Came out killer!

Advanced Nutrition Inc

I am a 66 year old American man, electrical engineer.Your channel is my very favorite chess channel.I like the way you analyze the games.You have a great personality for this - you are friendly and yet not in your face so to speak.Open and humble when speaking about your own progress in chess!I am a hobby chess player and have only had minimal time to play over the years due to raising a family and making sure my business succeeded.I have been following your channel for about 3 years!I am so happy to see your channel grow and you be successful!!I hope 2020 is a great year for you!


vaz modei hate it

Kidbaker RyRy!!!

the milk straws are $1 at kroger smh


Great analysis and very entertaining game. I like to see games where good players capitalize on their opponent's inaccuracies. And I also like older games like this one. You don't see many analyses of these old games. Thanks Jerry, keep 'em going!

Zach Schraufnagel

Isn't Roman Dzindzichville apart of chess.com ?

Cyndy Tas

I watched every step and it's was so inspiring. U are gifted. The end product is so pretty.

adam !! -