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Everyone except me.I hope you can keep sharing more videos in the future.With all of your machining and travel content, maybe a calendar or two would help fund the site?

OK, so far so good right?Duo podcasts are great you guys should’ve added mark Normand lol.Today I come back here to see if I was right.You shouldn't torch the motor!Com 590 900 range.Unnecessarily complex?No really it is one of the most beautiful boxes i have ever seen.When did you get good microphone ?

Eventually you will destroy at least

Eventually you will destroy at least

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Another fork missed at 4:20.

Another fork missed at 4:20.

That is exactly what I thought.This is just my thought I don't know whether it is correct or not.Man i love this guy lmao.Bhai I want to play with u.I love it when you call Tom a fkn piece of shit.That might make the slots tighter for your 15 year old machine.

Muito boa a expresso q Magnus faz.

Muito boa a expresso q Magnus faz.

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Fatal Physiques

Beautiful! Is this a room inside your home?

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Sunita Arvind

I see your every video

Euler Machado

I know this video is a little old, but Ben Finegold is explaining beautiful, wonderful things to kids and he teaches in a awesome way that made me watch the whole video. He's a very good teacher and he doesn't takes easy on kids. Why? Because if he relaxes, he blunders and loses. Awesome.

Avinash Yadav

Proud of Anand Sir and Pragg.

Howard Launius

nice piece!