Walter Lewin demonstrates moment of inertia

Try to say the Jo in Jo'ao like Jo in Jo'sef.Thank you for showing step by step what is involved.' sounds rather fishy.Religions : live peacefully and don’t hurt orherspeople who follow them : Let’s kill people of other Religions.Carlsen did manage to break 2900 in this game.We know both Boromir and Faramir were captains but where are the generals?

I connected all of them.

I connected all of them.

His famous words: I may have done this.So 200totally -800-1000-200200 -1800.Me:humming this in class Teacher: who is humming in classMe :it’s me I love Harry Potter Teacher: will you are not in a Harry Potter movie you are at school.Let's go morphy!At 14:06, Ben says, "You have three pieces that can take (the black pawn) on D4.

Where’s your respirator?

Where’s your respirator?

Neither the rating nor the match score is visible on the screen.Why that guy looks like Obama.I will make a small donation towards your channel once my PayPal starts working again, feels almost criminal to get your channel for free :).Its nice to see guys in a workshop creating things instead of hanging out at stupid bar rooms.Course i always win.God really bless you mehnnnnn.Love the videos, but I imagine split territories throws a wrench in that first statement.A 4 x 8 and pockets the size of a barn door.

Aww couldnt watch it live.0:40What the hell is that thing?Although we can find relief in our pains these are crave and lust and are temporal gratifications to our flesh.Aga talks about the trap's danger yet did the trap anyway expecting to blindside his opponent (and it did).After finishing the table, did the plywoodhold together?I came here empty and with this music and your beautiful comments Im starting to feel, the sweet but melancholic tinkle in my heart.

Pat Lap - Le PicBois

Incredible! Thanks for the screws batch sanding tip!

America Marie

Teaspoon of vinegar in milk is technically buttermilk.

Kate BY

On top!

X Qiu

Forgot if I have commented on this before but it's a great video and thanks for posting!

Sean M

Damn. The red bar on the icon made me think I had watched this already.

Manny Yabar

This was great! What is the final thickness of the cutting board? thanks

Alexander Kurz

Thanks ... interesting how the initiative changed from white to black ... where did it happen? Was winning the pawn a mistake?


0:25 he's probably thinking about that ballistic attack in Iran

Bob Armstrong

In the Uk you can get a track saw from ldle for 79 it works as well as a dewalt


When i saw you making a cross (didnt know it would be a sword) I was like "Oh hell no!" and then "Oh... my bad" :P

Queen Aunt

Beautifully Powerful.

Trapal Gelynn

I will try to dothis ,no adding butter,but it's look good...

Stavinair Caeruleum

I knew there would be a mobile- electromagnet-axis system!

Tyy Daymon

Do you have a place where we can see the plans or dowload then parquetry is hard to find teacher

Mustafa karim

Do u know how rare that is only a few people in the world have seen it

The QueensConquerer

John, I want to say that I recently reached 1200 elo but I've been dropping up and down continuously. I want to ask what should I do?

John Davis

But what about the aesthetic smothered mate???

Cuby Chris

So I'm guessing a hypothetical pizza shaped map with all the tips touching doesn't count.

Nick Beqo

Still not clear who wanted to interrupt the match Karpov - Kasparov and why....

Lau Bjerno

Guys who go round in circles get nowhere. (Except maybe to an asylum).Long ago I made a comment that it’s very easy to see the next number because there’s a simple pattern. But my comment got lost in the crowd of later comments stating the very same fact, because on YouTube hardly anybody reads other people’s comments.By the way, epic means part of an epos, which is a extremely long narrative poem. For example the story of how Ulysses escaped the cyclops is epic, because it is part of Homer's great epos The Odyssey. So these circles, however fantastic they may be, are not epic.

Lawrence Lepes

Cool puzzle

Jordan Cypihot

the plumb bob is useless in that situation you just need to put te square flat on the ridge with the pivot up


I think I played the second guy that you played against in a warzone, he crushed me im terrible :)

Frank Costello

'spectators' made me laugh...