Vladimir Kramnik vs Alireza Firouzja | World Blitz 2019

I am in a wheelchair, waiting for hip replacements.But this video is exceptional!Keep up the good work.Seen never anything or your cam.This was blunder from Alireza.

Such a simple and handsome peice of equipment.You should plug in B.Ches players are very competitive, and all together odd people.Adjust your fence!

This is a stupid thing whats the point

This is a stupid thing whats the point

Love to see all the skills apply in real match.I was following along very well until.Awesome job man!I've learned so much and was laughing the whole way!B is the lesson we have learned today.Nowadays I feel like if it's not Alpha Zero playing, every move feels wrong.

I bought an all metal pencil sharpener like they had in elementary school when I was growing up.4:40 when he plays the horse to d2 i cant take his Pun because its safe or?By the end of the video I was climbing the walls.I'm addicted now from your videos!How did you get your router tracks level?Do you ever have Tillers need adjusting after stain and oil finish?Nobody brings out horses like that in the beginning.How is coronavirus going to affect Hollywood?Maybe you could say King Crusher is better for more advanced players, but if I wanne run a game through an engine and have a computer tell me where players went wrong, I can do that by myself.I don't think capturing towards the center, a good idea in normal chess, actually applies here at all.

I hope you can also show how to built a vanity mirror, my gf would be happy if I can also build one.Its very slow, noisy, and the piece movements are bizzare looking.That would be a blunder because queen could take and after pawn takes, bishop is hanging, or after rook takes pawn is hanging.This is where I started playing chess by watching this tutorial 5 years ago and now I won 3rd place atour school chess tournament.Saw the first and the last one!I think the test should carry out in all areas of affairs, sure as, test should carry out before anyone enter the shops,hospital, train station, airports, before boarding the aircraft and as soon as they arrived the aircraft.Do u have a lichesshandle?But white would take with knight, if biss recaptures, white caps with biss, then black would have triple pawns.Ned you could remake the tiktok video but instead of using a toy gun, you can use a banana.You would also enjoy drinking some petrol at the gas station i presume.

Poor audio quality.

Poor audio quality.

Finally a person who is actually good at tutorials for web games!That look like the magician's shot.Judges are corrupt and anc is filling their pockets Crime corruption and the anc.I'm about to appreciate kaso masyadong exaggerated.He only looses and I cant see any great move or novelty from him.Just found your channel, subscribed right away your are amazing, starting my own channel up about cake decorating and mom life.

Yuri Lopes

36:48 wouldn't it just be easier to have a loop there like while(grid[i][j].bee) i=floor(random(cols))j=floor(random(rows))grid[i][j].bee = trueso that way if it picks a spot with a bee, it just gets another 2 random numbers and checks again, and you dont have to loop the array again


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Sam Krieger

I insure my brazing rod with Lords of London.


He lost 1000

Bill Rodwick

Looking good. The only problem with Fast Forward is viewers can't tell how much time elapsed for the entire project or am I missing something?

arif rizki

Master tai, skak dulu sebelum makan benteng putih bosss

Genius by Design

Guys is a genius !!! I needed to watch it 2 times to figure out

Parikshit vyas

I would like to come to u and learn how u do all these....

SwordArt YushiroOtakuGamers

The dislikes number is 888 which means good luck HAHAHA

Hakim Hakki

chirichu thalarnu

Norm Ramspeck

Is there any way of scanning in A part of some kind to be able to reproduce it in other words just simply scan The part and reproduce it


You are a Chess Coach Superhero Jerry! You have made my thinking process cleaner and sharper with your series. 17 over, 9 more to go in this series. Thank you for your efforts!!


Have there been quadrupled pawns in history of pro chess?


The real question was if Jessica was really a Masters?

Floyd Maxwell

Mikhail Tal in 1973-74 - 95 games (46 wins 49 draws)Vladimir Malakhov during 2015-2017 - 93 games (37 wins 56 draws)Mikhail Tal in 1972-73 - 86 games (47 wins 39 draws) - Wiki's "Listofworldrecordsinchess"

Steve Ventress

I admire the patience and mathematical skill it takes..as well as the artistry and passion.Tnx for helping my knowledge grow.On a side note...over 600 dislikes...wtf!!! What is wrong with people!


Your vision is to make chess the 1 sport in the world? Uhhh alright.


Instead of white castling, what do you think about moving the d4 knight to f3 and potentially taking the black knight with the rook? And if black defends the knight, to move the knight now on f3 to c5. Normally you wouldn't want to throw away a rook to take a knight, but in this situation, maybe you would.

hyahya m

OMG, it is rasengan lamp

Travis Montgomery

The interactions are honestly the best part about this game.

Joe Gates

Of the free engines, Stockfish 8 is the best. Sugar XPro is now about the same strength as Stockfish 8. Komodo 9 is much weaker than Komodo 10 or Komodo 11.2. Houdini 6.02 is currently rated on top at 3525.