Vladimir Kramnik's Brilliant Positional Rook Sacrifice

Hey, it makes coffee, but I gotta push my glasses up and say um actually.Secret revealed!It looked like a pawn, but it was a Queen, and so could move as if it were a Queen.Excellent video sir!I heard that his boxing "record" of 25-0 was actually mostly a falsified account by Derek and it couldn't be confirmed, possibly on Jim's channel (JCS).Restrict the slip and the fibres blunge out and shrink when dried open up as splits in the previous water puffed up fast growth rings.Try this on some scraps - great thing to remember on the two troublesome outside corners - which most rectangular signs have - these can present the same grain-splitting issue.

Awesome video Bro.

Awesome video Bro.

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With no power tools.

With no power tools.

Would force Magnus' Queen which could be exchanged with the Rook.Nice work Thanks for sharing.Can I be excused?Dada almost lost but that boy in Yellow played clumsily when he lost the chance to checkmate.It is a complete waste of time.Because of this, I think you shouldn’t have put on black paint and the stickers.

U can listen her here - !

U can listen her here - !

Arent they bothered by the loud music?Kunjung balik ya.I’m surprised you guys don’t ever get ran up on.All I have to say are 2 things: 1) She's one lucky lady.Hey Steve can you please tell me how much thick are the top of the board.I would love to have a stick like that nice work wish I had the talent and tools to do it myself.Ah well, I will only stop playing when someone like Magnus plays the perfect game.Were you just in a really good mood this night?

I want to use this as a example at my speech.I made a large 11x11 faux leather board but i want to put traditional embellishes onto the game for better play.Goosebumps, literally.Congrats on joint second at Hastings Simon.The comments are mostly from people treating infinite summations as finite equations.It was a simple enough project that we could tell what you where doing while you where making fun of yourself about it.Qb6 because of 11.What was your first LD?I am new to woodworking and do not have a planer.

Is that possible?

Is that possible?

Awesome project.What are those called?Every month or so wipe down the surface with more mineral oil.Amazing work Neil.I am Totally and Utterly CRAP at Chess!Please let me know your opinions.Please make a backpack with nylon carbon fiber etc.Your body will hurt for a few weeks, and you may hate it.

Gourav Dutta

Thx mam..it helped me a lot

Oscar Gerardo Galindo Mrquez

Buenas tardes. Gracias por enviarme est joya.Exquisita interpretacin.GrandiosoBach.


Wow, a hypocrite and unoriginal, what a surprise.That is to be expected of a troll though I guess.Bravo on being a generalized statistic, you hit the nail on the head, /golfclap to you.

El Micha

Very nice project, as always on this channel!1 hint on the wall-mounting:Instead of those ugly brackets u might use a slim L-shaped aluminium profile 1 side screwed into the wall, the other below the shelf.Much cleaner look. For perfection u can set in the aluminium profile into the wood also making it even...

Gabriell Povess

Wow this is amazing! I've been doing terribly in my king and pawn endgames. That "v" pawn structure is something that no one ever taught me... until now! Thank you for this video :)

Amogh Bajpai

King killing Knight was pure majesty.

David Nielsen

Great project.Very different and creative.Thank you for posting it, Andy.


It would be interesting to know the times spent by both players in the game. Something tells me Corzo spent A LOT more time thinking than Capablanca did.