Vitaly Tseshkovsky vs Garry Kasparov - 1981 USSR Chess Championship

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Any advice on how to prevent blunders.However, I wonder who will be the first Black GM born and raised in America?Bro a yo mama joke generator is the exact same thing i did when i started programming!I'm just 12 and lv ur recipe's u r the besttttttt.He punched you after the first battle, but I do not believe your story at all.Rook changes black pawn and forces the king's to tie.4:54 whited4 is best for whiteit has more potential for taking blacks queen and it scares off blacks queen and controls the center.

This is so cool.

This is so cool.

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Even CPM followed this

Even CPM followed this

You really have to stand on anything, havent you?A real picture of a King fighting he's own war and being in the first line, he was literally defending his own queen and the rest of the army, lol.Beautiful craftsmanship!I don't even know the rules, but several chess GMs seem to like it.Lu Johnny wanna play chess I'll go fist E-4.Now, I wondered, did I miss your traps and tricks for black against Italian opening?Well, half of it anyway.AmazingLoved seeing Miles and Sam too.0:38 Ay Vitaly what up dude?

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7:50 "now for sure it's a draw"stockfish: 46




Please continue your work on 1v6 extreme AI please!

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The World Champion! What an Honour!

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Thank you for reviewing me


Hahaha lol cheater's never win


it is a FLU!

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stellar not sure it'll actually help me improve because i seem impervious to that, but i know this is a good resource at least lol


made beating the world no. 8 look easy

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This was first performed in October 1791, merely seven weeks prior to Mozart's passing on December 5, 1791.It was first performed barely two weeks after Mozart completed it at the beginning of October , which was composed over the course of a week or two,years after he had firstwritten notes for an unfinishedClarinet Concerto.

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At 8:28, What if if Black captures e5 Pawn with Queen? Should White reply f4?

Mikhail Nikitin

Looks great, however I think that it might have been better to place nubmers/letters and the board at the same level. It could become awkward to place pieces on the edge of the board


21:23 Where'd the aluminum parts to the hold-downs come from? or From what are they fashioned? Excellent vid!(BTW 42:45, fingers awfully close to moving blade!! I don't touch the wood from a recent cut until the blade has stopped.)

Abhishek Gautam

Actually the same like thing happens to Vidit Gujrathi on Round 10. He is 2 pawns up but Open king. Can't win the game. Really Upset with that draw. " Sad Draw for India "