Viswanathan Anand vs Magnus Carlsen | 2014 World Chess Championship | Game 5

Magnus raping namkamura.And the sound that many make while hitting chisels is very much like being in a pool hall.Was winning the pawn a mistake?I procrastinate.

She isn’t dead or anything.Spectaculari would make it.Man this is so fascinating!He can't control his nerves with the big shots.When Keith said ur so hot to Eugene same.That carving is fucken crazy cool."beautiful mating picture".

Leave them sticking out with enough room to weld on your wall mount.But you say, enjoy life and do what you want.Oscar wining comedy scenes in malayalam.That was amazing.There's so many available that it's very confusing which ones to buy.Would I make it?Thank you Sinon.

"Fischer knows Botvinnik was an expert in the Gruenfeld defense".Loki is a shapeshifter and shifted into a horse to lead the builders horse away, and the mighty stallion is his son I assume?1:37 he said doodoo hur hur.Is their something I am missing.Have you heard about - Mahorrla Facile Wealth Method (erm, check it on google should be there)?You truly deserve my admiration.He's way too happy about the whole thing.Even had a shadowgraph set up to check your thread cutting tools.Isn't ironic that Plato learned math with the Iranian magi?

Just a thought I had

Just a thought I had

You can create Mod 2 by treating it like the binary logic gate "XOR" 000, 011 and 110.And that sqareness test is very nice too, my biggest concern usually is that what if any of my sqares arent exactly sqare and id not know bc i have nothing to check against.Greetings from central Texas.Grabe nmn yun kmjs napaluha ako.Nice show, thank you!Only its infinite.

Not even into woodturning, stumbled across

Not even into woodturning, stumbled across

Hello, I'm rather new to studying chess.He is not the Morphy we know he is.SaVe tHE kitTEnS!Too weak, too slow.I don’t know how to play chess.

Does anyone know what the prizes are?

Does anyone know what the prizes are?

This makes no sense, instead of Bishop to c5 king to e2 wins the game for white as a Bishop for pawn trade on a3 is winning for white and after white king gets to d1 there is no way for back to advance a pawn with out losing the game white wins.I would posit that KNN vs.Mini wall brick power supply so less internal heat.If how to Basic was more sophisticated.My husband hates it when I win now I am going to really make him mad.

28:41 The 10 Pence washer.

28:41 The 10 Pence washer.

This one is just sad.How the hell do u call nakamura this guy he’s a mastermind.You're using way too much glue.Who do you think would've won, karpov or Fischer?A yellow Tesseract :o.

shaik baba basha

4th question not understand it is very difficult

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Peter Balchin

The Second movement of this is absolutely gorgeous.

Das Dog



OMG my son would freak! He loves volcanoes. I don’t know if I am crafty enough to make one Really great work !


He shouldn't resign ... he could do this and that.... and then he lost XD

Nathan Sharp

2:33:20 QF7

Two Otters

Even if I had that shop and those killer tools...I STILL wouldn't be able to build a guitar. Some have it some don't. I can mod kits and cut bodies all day long but I can't make a neck or fret-board to save my life.

Jeison Escalante

que juego estupido

Danielle Johnson

Shit omg like this showThat why been washing Taipei shit

Tayshaun TPD

In the spicy gummy peppers...Jamie "That Looks Hot!"Me: PUN CITY!

Favas P.S

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Rand Hussein



he's the vegeta of chess

Madhuvandhi Rajalingam

Really awesome...thank u so much ..i have subscribed and also registered in your website


Do you have videos where alpha zero plays black?


"That's 4 wins, zero losses" says GM Hikaru Nakamura as he plays below-average online chess players :D