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Being guided on how to think has given my chess immediate improvement.So we can make gold?""Isn't he cute?Great videos nothing like the other videos.I don't want to cook, I just WANT TO EAT that shit!Liked it until I heard the price.It takes practice and to get better you have to learn from your mistakes.Sometimes we are to aggressive and sometimes we are to cautious.

We need more competition!Really like this board.But fuck me, the wood that come s from these guitars does not sit easy.E4 :)Do you have a place where can I find Nimzovitch-PGN games of you?Feature the staff more in videos!What was C3PO's favorite chess move: R -D2.

I fucking hate you, go fucking die, your accent is the most annoying shit, Beshep, kneght FUCK OFF.Thank you for sharing.Everyone has their limits and Trump knows he's got to beat them at their own game.In the chess olympiad Petrosian 75 wins 50 draws 1 loss.Your voice makes me melt in zero to zero secs.NO NO NO NO NOoooooo!

Can someone help explain why QxC5 at

Can someone help explain why QxC5 at

Download the project file from the second link up above, and import it using unity hub.7:16 "The good thing about this tournament is that Aliriza joined.It felt so heavy like.This probably didn't set well with the flat earthers.I will definitely recommend you to my friends!Karpov was blazing hot, clearly propelled by the years of grinding match warfare with Kasparov.They got money, wealth was shared among each other but on our areas is a different scenario.

Feel like he can win me

Feel like he can win me

He is funny and makes the game extremely entertaining.World weakest table legs lol "no elbows on the table".You go through this much too quickly to easily follow and skip steps that are not obvious.Wtf are you doing, stop switching the board!Matthias (Dope or Nope) Reviewed this.

People in high positions in movie industry are homosexuals.I love this design.I'm their 6,000sub it says 5,999 I sub.Porntech whoo hoo.That music though.Oh wait, my bad.

G James

Nice video.Caught be by surprise how well it turned out.

Drop Kick Drones

I could have ordered this thing from china and gotten it by the time this video ended. Please stop the music

Marcus R.

Arbeit macht spa... not to my dad it isn't

Jacob Billsborough

All I here is you want to make a terminator....... what are you mad?

Soba 992

Roses are redViolets are blueI Love this channelAnd i know you love it too

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Hie Adom, Your videos are amazing to watch. After watching this video I needed one help from you if you can. It will be a great help. I have a machine shop in my CENTRIFUGALfoundry and I am facing this one problem of cutting/partingCENTRIFUGAL castings pipes which have thickness of more then 35 mm. We produce all types alloys from cast iron to steel grades, Aluminum to Copper, Nickel based alloys to Cobalt, basically all alloys. So Hardness very from alloy to alloy. so I am in search of one stop solution if available. Can you suggest me a machine or procces root which could help me in this scenario. Thanks,Ankit Patel

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Just smiling at some of the 'advice' and commentary below. I think a lot of people are clueless about how hard some Aussie hardwoods are and what tools actually work and what dont. I gave up on 'traditional' joinery techniques on Aussie hardwood many years ago - much prefer making and my own fasteners and knock down hardware - but Festool's system is just easier/faster/better for a lot of stuff- of course you already know all this -:)Brilliant design btw and great re-use of 'firewood'...I'm starting to much around with welded support sections and legs as well as using 5 mm metal flats under tops to 'help' the glued panels retain integrity - easier said than done to find properly dried hardwood these days...Really enjoy your channel and your natural entertaining commentary - I'm looking at the Lamello system for knock down or self clamping uses with ply/MDF and chip boards...looks like another brilliant timesaver -at a cost mind you.Pete

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5:02: Wow, in that critical position Stockfish suggests h3 and evaluates the position with roughly 1. After Ba3, Stockfish gives it over 7 (!) and says that the best defense is Nc5. After Qxa3 the position is even more in white's favor (over 9) and Stockfish sees Nh5 as winning move.

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That's my style. Except I don't make mistakes.