Vishy is Not Fabi || Carlsen vs Anand || Gashimov Memorial (2019)

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Such a great vlog and a great family working together.I knew there WAS a winning move, which Magnus did not.Wait what game is this.Ang ganda ganda nito.Fox News being very pro-Israeli, I’d say Fischer’s was a different sort of crazy’.

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How does it feel

How does it feel

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Dekho India

Tal's game is different that's why whole world called him "magician"

Linh Nguyn

V tay tay hay lm

nitu srivastava

Hindi nahi aati ke

Jason Michael

Black should have resigned after the 1st move.

Tom Kearns

Nice to see family involved, especially the young ones


thank you Maghsoodloo for not forcing all us OCD folk to endure a move 99

Deepak Gupta

If you are very young, don’t go near to strangers in the park.....I have inspired about 5 people till now to play chess...

Some Hobo

He has a list on his desk of all the people who fucked this up.

Mauro Lindo


Niael Negash

Master roshi shoukd have easy won


Who's the winner?

xKoopa x

Dang that’s crazy!! Can’t wait for more!! Be safe and good luck!!!