Vishy Anand vs Magnus Carlsen Round 4 - Norway 2015

Very nice story.Is the culprit here and is just a bad move period and really should be given a big fat?This was soooo helpful.Why did Fischer play f4?I thought it would be easier to explain than it actually was!

Pls stop copying their words you are not going to their position anyways.Wizardchessboard.We don't have to wait for science to find a cure when we can strengthen the immune system ourselves now.

Thanks for the hilarious video, the burlap sack ahaha and santas 24hr surveillance from boise.This guy is healthier than my 62 years old dad damn.Are you available.Video is criminal and below is criminal.Nice to see these index machines in the factory being built near my town :).

) or did they agree to a draw?Tons of hE iS aN AsIAn jokes coming up.Bloody Awesome mate, Great job.I got stuck in a rabbit hole of equations with this one.Bruh playing so badly.What is this game mode some one tell me?That Jim Bakker guy wants to buy a new Jet.

Maybe boxing is for you.Each time I won.And at 21:00 when you where wondering what to do because a5 felt dirty play E3 to F4.Not to exceed 50 bux.Can you remake the multiplayer tutorial?

Switch each fold (all V's to P's, all

Switch each fold (all V's to P's, all

It's either a planet or a spaceship.Hey thechesswebsite in the first variation you discussed,instead of white playing Qh5, it can play N takes on f7, and after Nx white can lay Bxf7 Kxf7 then Qh5 snaring the c5 bishop!Why can I only find bad moves.Nice work, but your claims of time and especially your cost are horribly under stated.Came by accidentally and by chance.I once heard about a GM who made a move got up and got a drink of water to intimidate the other guy.Can you provide a source for that or did you just improvise?After reading the comments, I can add nothing better.

Time to grow bamboo in the USA boys.I’m beginning to like this GM more and more, very entertaining.Wow beautiful looking bow good job.Better than James Joyce.Don't they have their own game.

Muy bien saludos desde.

Muy bien saludos desde.

00 for a computer ?The Torx is great, used in the matching world, when I was in it last in 2005.Animals if you smell tress try to follow sounds around you with your cup and spone.I would love to see Fabi win for the fact he's representing American Chess.I must admit that is bad ass.19:16 I would have used knight to g4 here just to mess with my opponent.I don't know if I explained it well but just write a reply if you have any questions.Otherwise gree wouldn't be losing.I been there 6 Times that place is serious.He was definitely one of the best there ever was.

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cameraman nya kaga bisa diem, jadi ga fokus mau nonton nya

Sergei K

Smoking kills

Luke Skove

Turn your table saw off

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Charles Roberts

Stop saying 'like' !!

naya nepal

why people talk too much then action

Divyanshu Sharma

at3:30 missed the chance to win a piece


"al-ee-ek-in"? have I been pronouncing alehkine "al-eh-kine" wrong my whole life?

Jv woods

Did he actually lose that first match?

Nazrul Khan



Great video, as always!

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The whole that you discover they say about climbing out of there. That was a nutcracker was there.

XXXtentaCion X

Umm that’s a spy gadget

Rakesh Rajbhar

What is a stalemate

John Greco

38:47 He Just blocks the bishop with Nb3 and then pushes the pawn since the knight is supported by the king. I'm surprised you didn't see it because you totally called it a few seconds before when you said, "Ok we are gonna see something tricky here." hahaha great commentary!

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Obviously the person or persons responsible for this video have never played poker. That first one wasn't even remotely "crazy".

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In an 8 X 8 chessboard a queen placed anywhere can attack another piece if the piece is present in the same row, or in the same column or in any diagonal position in any possible 4 directions, provided there is no other piece in between in the path from the queen to that piece. The columns are labelled a to h (left to right) and the rows are numbered 1 to 8 (bottom to top). The position of a piece is given by the combination of column and row labels. For example, position c5 means that the piece is in cth  column and 5th row. If the queen is at c5, and the other pieces at positions c2, gl, g3, g5 and a3, how many are under attack by the queen? There are no other pieces on the board


I like the way the finish looks !

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Miyazaki's movies teach us that there is a certain beauty to life, in both everyday places and faraway worlds. When you find yourself wanting to escape to one of his worlds, remember that it's based on our very own. It doesn't matter where you are - life is beautiful.

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When you already know... wow!!

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Best RnB Adlibs of all time1. KC "Oooo yeah"2. Aaliyah " MmmmMMMmmmm"