Victor the Terrible | Korchnoi Creates a Miniature for the Ages

Can someone name the girl with Philippine flag.Didn’t expect to hear the term Eurasia anywhere outside Russia.F SMELLYBIG ASS.

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Are there variant

Just better and better.Just found your videos and I have to say your doing a great job."Try DollarBrite.Your middle game training series has opened my mind to new realities of chess play.Zacouris I thought that too, surely h3 is unnecessary?What do u do with the engines?You're a very clever man.I got the coronavirus just watching THIS VIDEO.Your personality lends itself so well to teaching.

I will brake the

I will brake the

7:00 system shutdown.Fantastic demonstrations, very well presented, to all the kids now interested in chemistry good news that was just the tip of the iceberg it gets even better.I see the casters curse was strong with this stream.Wondering if you could send those along?It's not his video.

Nitonal or however you

Nitonal or however you

The end is really beautiful.Are you going to make some chess pieces for the board?This is how you beat Carlssen by not being in awe of his status.LEARNING THIS APPROACH WILL IMPROVE ALMOST ANYONE’S PROBLEM-SOLVING ABILITY.Wow this is incredible.Slaps PC "This baby can fit so many Chrome tabs!Hehe, John doing tactics-training videos came to my mind some days ago.

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MaN I am frOm

Wow, this game was absolutely fascinating.Many  thanks, JW.It's become a cringe-inducing parade of senility.Very entertaining for adults.Absolutely stunning that wallet is beautiful would love to own it.Palakkad fdfs oh my god.Maybe this will help you.This is not uncharted territory the Spanish flu was over a hundred years ago have our governments learned nothing?You have any contacts please ?

Why not eat the

Why not eat the

Sadly the company is no more.Part 3-yes, definitely.I'm sure the prize will be another set of magnets.WHERE ARE WE AND WHERE ARE WE, WHAT IS WHAT?Puberty hitting hard.There needs to be a chess anime.Keep posting good work.Nearly 2 million views in one year!

b33cux cux

Great segment!And "Molly Darling" was close to the 1st 45 ever released.

Mechanism Force's

Me looking the vdeo: into scale or fractions are into 4D ......My mind: WTF?! !BOOM!!


anybody have the dimensions


Name your sword or bow The Bees Knees

Sheena Metas

Kaway kaway sa nanunuod lang hindi naman gumagawa

Richard Sleep

What's wrong with Agad? I could do better than that. Or not lol

Top Shooter

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Top Ten people Eminem to scared to diss.

Manaure Daz

Great idea to comment your gameplay with all those instructive principles. Thank you.

Ignacio Leao

Go Ben!!

Abrady Brady

Your talent is ridiculous! Do you do this full time?

Billy M.

If he didn't offer you a job, i would be surprised...shout-out from Montgomery, Roll Tide!!!


You're fuelling the Flat Earth conspiracy at 12:55! You've said that the Earth is as flat or flatter than a pamcake. The Flat Earther's can just cut a clip out of your video, entirely out of context, and they have their ammunition: Globe Earther finally admits the Earth is flat! LOL

siva ramaraju siv

the game was complicated for my brain especially end game


That was batter music 1800-1960

Karissa Lyons




Learn with Sarine /

So, why didn't you include that game ACTUALLY being played by two people... That would've been a normal thing for "old board games" video. And you speak frankly unclear. PLZ prepare your script from first to last part, before you tape it. It's completely mixed up a hell lot.

Yongting Wang

Who else screamed at him when he can take the queen with his rook at 1:32?


Seguro puedes escapar del rea 51 solo moviendo los barrotes