Vassily Ivanchuk Funny chess moments Doha Rapid Chess Champion 2016

Song at 1:16:15 ?This is too cool!My school finally got some sense and unlocked lichess.My sympathies to those affected.Shakewell podcast.You could show the FIDE rating next to each of the gentleman s name (if it is available).Ningale ippodha sign-up pandringa appo yeppidi ivalo sambadhikkalam nu soldringa.What if I have no electricity?

That's a great story!I'd take a draw.That god damn bottle of water.

What am I missing after

What am I missing after

No victims to be seen.He had 26 chances to change never did.Exit(0) to dispose().Lesson: how to ruin good stuff.If you put nails in ol joints of yuor chair is yournotconfidence yor chairwill be strong and wellmake.He surely loves to hear himself talk.What a beautiful keep sake box nice work hope some day I can get that good.Fuck yea man, all Canadians are in love with this episode.What next after Transistors?They (me included) have to look everything up.

She loved the color.

She loved the color.

1200 fide bwahahaha.Really enjoyable video.This is excellent stuff.This is done so smoothly, I love it.Is there a version of this that anyone using project64 can enlighten me about?I have a question about your explicit use of "this" keyword when you return the piece.I cant see the obvious move.We all need one Yoda around us.I love that everytime you hear something, you tell us to be quiet.You have the skills.

Magnus : this one is very easyMe :

Magnus : this one is very easyMe :

Whatever, I guess I'll just watch Agadmator since he actually follows up on actual games played in chess competition, and posts consistently.I use my bisuit joiner for adding hardwood edging to sheet goods.In case you missed Part I follow the link.Kim with step by step.Yea im talkin bout those.To create your own, just play two to three agadmator chess commentaries at the same time.What about, if white takes the rook on a8?How is it called again?I wish I was a little bit tallerI wish I was a baller.

Tumulu din luha ko ah.

Tumulu din luha ko ah.

I'm hoping I'm not alone with this.I can beat both of them.Love these explanations and diagrams.Experts 100% JOB Placement Support visit our website t or whatsapp me or call me on91 9582472992.Today's cartoons are trash, no comedy, no shtick, no slapstick, just mind-numbing drivel, old cartoons are the way to go, can watch loony tunes for hours.I'm gonna try this.Like: The perfect comedic timing a side, that slight rumbling coming from the right could literally be from a scripted comedy-movie, it's so fitting and good.That is what i call a challenge.Anyway, thanks for entertaining and educating me.

Eric "Chess Sadist" Rosen.His are off the chain.Not 2d, not words, only 3d.The game against IM LawrenceTrent in 1:32:12, the black (LawrenceTrent) in stead of taking the queen he can play Qa6 check and then Qb7 checkmate.Mayro, NathanielBathaniel, Simple Flips, etc?

Q to a2 check, before the pawn came out.The Black Queen is threatening to take White's Bishop with a check and a past pawn two ranks away from becoming a Queen (and note White's Queen cannot check the Black King with the Black Queen at f2).Andy dick in the thumbnail.Is this grinder from a flea market?Sometimes I sit and wonder what I am doing with my life.I saw a figure in the water.- How should I stop checkmate without losing my bishop?"To take is a mistake!

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Ya pintar juga

Bob Bobson

Fantastic documentary! Very professional and informative!!!

Matthew Rose

Hi I think you guys are the best vloggers I have ever seen how old is your son?


When is the next revenge match?!

Dem Nisbet

Carlsen was hovering over Qg5, though only for a second.

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Love your setup.I do web design and media work.I have been messing with computers and servers for the better part of 20years.My first home server office, I built two racks of angled steel, that held 5x3u cases.That was done the summer of 2004, and I still have the racks out in the storage building being used as shelves now.I have one of the 3u cases in my office, running an Intel S5000PSL, that runs VMWare for 3 Win2016 Servers.I love the specs on the Dell's you have. And might look in on getting a few of them later on down the road.I have a HUGE project I will soon start on, within the next few weeks, that once completed, is going to need a lot of storage, and a lot more muscle than the Intel S5000PSL has.Thanks for sharing your setup with the community. It's really helpful to see what other people have, and the price tag that is put on the items that were, at one point, too far out of reach. Of which, are now at an accessible price, that the common man/woman can afford, thanks to sites such as eBay.Keep up the great work, and valuable information.Wayne BarronDark Effects. Studios.


How to revive an old laptop 3:04

cyarra bernard


Frank Daly

I wonder if you scorched the wood for the black pieces instead of staining would it look well?

Daniel Levesque

I’m impressed, I must say. Rarely do I come across a videothat’sboth educative andinteresting, I ask your permission for share your video on my internet daniel levesque


Man ur great

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3:06 lol !!

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Lim th qun nhiu th mnh bt ng qu


Ngeselin kameramennya anying wkw

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intinya korbankan/ngasih anak kayak tutorial hitam itu ga bagus..satu pion berharga klu main master tp klu buat pemula ya boleh2 aj buat cari like n komen video..haha

Diego Santin

Omg this dude’s so annoying

Jocelyn Bond

2000 players are strong for me in 3 minutes games!

Free like OJ all Day

Seeing a machine learn through trial and error like a human does makes me think skynet will be taking over the world in my lifetime