Usui Takumi x Ayuzawa Misaki Romantic Moments Compilation

Mikael 8feet Tall in chess.The light in basemand still moving.The gentleman here showcases a variety of joinery methods, and proves you do not need a dedicated planer to do so.The rest are them thar New Fangled Fastener things.Welp now I can't watch that movie anymore.

Botvinnik said that he saw he can get a draw after Ba3.Where do you get the textures for the snake head, body, and apple?Royce may well be the greatest rapper alive right now but his production on the latest album is also incredible and solidifies how talented he is on so many levels.

You can see how hard it is

You can see how hard it is

I didn't realize it was because she was married to his father!03 true or false.If you really have to sing songs to remind you how long to wash your hands then it just shows how much you’ve ever had to use yours for anything labour intensive.Excuse my ignorance, but at 09:07, why is it that f6 doesn't work against bg5?I'm building a built-in cabinet right now and a take-away for me is that painting one side of sheetgoods may cause bowing.(almost passive-aggressively) I would have taken it like five moves ago.

Good work buddy, thank you.Thanks for these vids man, they're extremely helpful.OMG meh childhood dream.Man I have been watching so many of your videos lately.What's the record time for the dog leaving the couch and hearing its paws hit the floor?

Wash your hands and cover your mouth when you cough and sneeze, otherwise just live like normal.Not a very tidy design.Hype it up and when the Vaccines come on the market, someone is going to make billion$$$$ from this.Hi Moe, I m a big fan of u guys frm Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, i wld love to c u n Shania's wedding videos, wld u care to share.Am really confused.

We are missing a main guy for RB.0:38 Yaay, I made it into a Vsauce video.Nanka epadi bro nambaratu.Hahahaha, these americans.If ever change ur mind at gusto mo mgkaron ng baby.Attack,defense or endgame.I just can't stop clicking this video everyday when I notice this soundtrack is the best way to reduce the pain for writing something.

Cost to print a ball like that is the cost of a spool of filament.Thanks for the videos.At 6:20 why not take the bishop at F8?At 6:23 I am confused about how the knight prevents the queen exchange.C hero to hehe bagAy sa knya.I wonder if John Williams originally wrote that part for Star Wars first, then used it in Harry Potter.

Billy Redden

Plus they eat krill all day long, and krill is protective against cancer.

Jeff Taylor

So the plans show 5 16.5in 1x2 pieces being cut.But i only see four being used (the sides of the front and back frame).Is the cut sheet wrong or am i missing something?

WTF!?you take pongfly movies?

Larry Campbell

Thanks for the opportunity to learn a new way of looking at making a picture frame jig


wau, vek obdiv :)


What chess set/board is that?

Miray KOAK

Rok olmuyomu


wow can't believe i got here so early

Beto Perez

Cuanto me vende uno igual a ese??

Mr Activision

God this is cringe and childish

Andreas Tobing

dude what the engine/program you use to cek the good position in video?

Ruben Flores

Black had a nice fork at minute 3:02

gargi shukla

Look at the eyes of the child she is asking from others I think