USCS 36: IM Greg Shahade takes on all comers in bullet chess

Can anybody explain?Went round playing in all the top tournaments and winning!25:07: If you let Stockfish calculate even further the numbers are skyrocketing (over 100) until it sees a mate in 10 moves.As of yet, no one has figured out why.Wow your kids are strong, they know the old masters, they understand clearance sacrifices, have good tactic abilities, are they some 10 year old masters or what.It is very very great !ROFL BEN SANDBAGS HIS RATING TO TAKE AS MANY POINTS AS POSSIBLE?

We all knew joe from pump

We all knew joe from pump

Awesome info thanks a squillion guys!12 6:38 - Glenn Fricker enters the chat.Love to watch you play.The camel moves 3x1 instead of 2x1 (which would be the knight).Wizards chess has gone virtual realityAmazing.Could white put his queen to b3?18:25 mike kasowski.Fuck, I could be related to her.I've very new to hand planes and this video gave me a ton of info.What if he traded air for a paperclip and then it goes on.

I dont get why he retreats.Muchas gracias desde ecuador.Super cool, thanks for sharing Jay!There is a huge suspicion on where the virus originated, to ignore the possibility that its a bio weapon is ignorant.At minuet 16:34if Qxc4 white wins!After Ne5 I found the move f6 which is fine but not the knight sac.

You'd grab your bike, go play soccer or explore the local woods etc.Really amazing I never seen like this Frist time I see anada much.I’m still growing up in a rough household and you don’t see me mirroring anybody!28:30 There were a very few people who had seen a blue flame before 1850 and none of them survived to tell the taleAudience: HahahahahDude: And the reason being, they were all miners killed in mining accidentsAudience: Oof.Why the king doesn't go to e3 after the check 8:33 ?Pause at 7:17 Couldn't Jean's queen just capture the rook at D1, therefore putting Anderson's king in checkmate?This is so amazing!This way you would only use the template for centering, and could remove the manual process of cleaning up the interior edges.



Carlos Marin

There's better chess players but there's not better chess YouTubers

King Aaron

R.I.P Piano:'(

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baalveer and Malayalam full Andrew I hope that you can also be privileged and is intended solely for final


Good thing I live in Europe and dont need a home security system. In the 21 years I am alive there have been zero break ins in my city. The only things that get broken into are barns. Animal welfare groups try to get in and install cameras and stuff. Its really weird.

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Bro!! That's is a super nice game board. The epoxy looks like wood man. Really nice job!!

Kevin Guiraud

32:10 ... why did you resign so fast ? I understand it's Carlsen in front of you, but could you not have escaped your king in f5 ? He takes your bishop in f6 check, you take back his pawn in f6 with your king... seems not too bad no ?

Technical facturious ankit

How to make an igloo

Matheus Piai Bianconi

Amazing...I try to make this here in Brazil.

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You have become to commercialized , see you around , I did enjoy your work!


You're welcome. =)


You do love your file work don't you! Nice knife!

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With you on flat cut carbide tip for straight cut of spindle but would a round carbide tip better suit the shoulder cut?


Clint Eastwood was a beast in western movie , a beast !!!!


5:59 i subbed.

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These videos are chock full of helpful tips. Thanks!

Pranav Kamesh

its fun to watch both John's and Jerry's versions of this.John this was an extremely high rated tournament and you proved your class(so close to first).That loss to jerry in the end would have hurt,considering you got him in the first game.


Concerning the single channel memory, I have a question. AtWhat's point does the amount of ran used to get bottlenecked by being run in single channel? For example,Would the PC have better performance if it had 256GB ram in single channel, or 128GB in dual channel?


This is scary.. the expanding is creepy

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A draw? Against magnus? Wow, I've never seen this

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Keep it up