Unturned 3.0 PEI Survival Guide: The Basics Of Survival (Updated 2016)

Everytime I try your tricks,.I need permission to use clips from your movies in this documentary.I’ve heard about python so much that it’ll probably be the first one I learn.You are a MASTER !"I think I could definitly do a better job if I were to do it again, but I'm really not sure I ever would, but you never know, maybe".I don't give a fuck if he was the president.This was published one month ago (Which would be November 2019) but he showed up multiple times in the video.

We are loving watching your video from all the way in Australia.And can save you a lot of time once you learn how to work with it.No respite for white.When the shopkeeper demanded the money back, was the woman already gone ?He wasn't born a monster, he was made a monster.The IM commentator is American so he in naka side.You can check the first 1,000,000 integers and find that 3121 is the smallest answer.Then I think i can make any 2D game now.

3:46 I busted out laughing.If so, how did you fondant it?Incredible video.Do you also sale bows."feeding two birds with one scone.I cant found hundred soul ?I have a makita set its made in 2011 still have it and it has everything i need drill bits normal bits etc comes with a box cutter tape measure and some more things like and pencil and alot more.If it turns out that you couldn't actually afford it.

The other guys are simply too

The other guys are simply too

Love the concept!Struck again today by how rich these commentaries are, thanks for continuing to make them.But now I know and I feel more confident thx.Great video but you glossed right over analytic continuation which is the part that I really don’t get at all and want to understand.From code lover.Make 1 move,wait a minute,make another move,wait half a minute and so ongame finished in 2 minutes.

I also appreciate how you never give up and keep on tossing wood :).Jim and Luke certainly "get it".I had never heard of this trap and was unfamiliar with this position.Indesigns backup function once was 100% reliably preventing data loss.There are many ingenious guitarists but Knopfler plays in his very own class.Mongrel : my face, face face himKemp : your face, face him yeah?Some prime rump right there.

Dirk Diggler

honestly, does anyone even follow him when he rants out like the next 7 moves in his head? He really is a genius.

Rat smith

Only took 1 week to get it running

Anastasios Ntestan

you are the best !!!!!

Rhesa MR

Recruiter: what can you do?Him: Let's watch my video

doga dag

I want them!


Why can't you take the knight with the bishop at 4:10

Awerty Stack

18:13 "there's really no good moveto make. And whatever move you make its really no good because there isn't a good move here"


WOW, what an entertaining video to watch! thank you!


Great work, cant find the font Goofball, by any chance do you have a link? Thank you.

randy carey

watching poker is as interesting as a unflushed toilet..i dont get it

Shardul Parthasarathy

at 10:30 a better move can be fxd5 right because youre threatening the rook on f6 and the other rook cant support because of substantial support from the adjacent rook if rook doesnt take , push up pawn to check the black king and black king cant recapture becuse of tyhe bishops support and white is better

Abraham Im

You gotta feel bad for the dude lol

Jp Jac

Nice job, nice to see the cooperation with the daughter.




thedress is black and blue


I'm a button pusher.I'd have to CNC it.