Untitled Predator Fan Film

She would have finished him in two moves at 8:25.What's inside a remote control helicopter.My computer opponent was not going along with this plan.

How do you like it?Can you please post one on the Birds opening and follow it up with the Black Burns mating maneuver?I’m the guy who sucks and donates to play Ben.

Cool ass design.2:30 This is not true.Do link all the pgn’s?Thy burrito, whom crime was none of your business, shall be executed by thi guillotine.The minus is a additionsubtraction term.OMG I know im late but I just realized this dude is slightly cross eyed.Very impressive tutorial.Somehow I heard the piano section of many of these masterpieces played by different people and as someone said earlier it brings a lot of memories.

Who else saw her smile when

Who else saw her smile when

Anyone that put a thumbs-down must be a Muslim or a Jew.Summer is extra goofy.Please have Erik Griffin on!Anand not puzzled by king moves and played even faster.Super yummthank you can you pls tell methe purpose of adding cream cheese?I’m stunned every time about the progress - keep goin!And you can bury food with hot stones heated in the fire to bake that food, no need for an oven.I’m a big fan of ned’s getup tbh.

Thank you so much

Thank you so much

Please tell me where you got that purple dinosaur jumper because I’m in love with it!9:06 I'm a chess noob but why does f6 not work?Make a system that cooks the turkey in a fire tornado!Why he stopped the clock?LOL you are so bad :P.There are a few mistakes in it that could do with addressing.Wait- I thought all sheds were built with Coors Light and pizza?

hugo cettour

Its flath!

tony andrade

What's with the piece of brown bag paper?

Anibal Jiran Ziller

Best job I e ver See. Congratulations from Brasil Sir.

Gary Cooper

Scrape wood challenge, Scrape wood challenge. To make a wood edge nice and round, I’ll make a plane from bits I found.

Ricardo Monsreal

Hello, my English is very bad, so I used the translator, I love how it looked.Would you help me? I would like to know what paintings you have used and the name of the tool you use to screw.I am from Mexico and here the carpentry is different, since the painting process is very complicated many diluent sealers are used etc. You would help me a lot if you can pass me the link of the paint you use and the tool, I think maybe I could find it in Amazon, but I don't know how to filter the search. Thanks greetings from Mexico!


Jerry! I published the definition for "Blue Chicken Gambit" on Urban Dictionary. Was gonna wait till you next stream but this is urgent lol.

Damien Doury

What is eSun ePA ? They say it's nylon, but I can't find any info on it, and also it's way less expensive than nylon

Stephen Waterman

What's inside..... My Butt????


Beautiful intro musicBeautiful narrationBeautiful video

Spank Juicer

Michael obama pelvic buldge 2020 comin to take your guns away

JK -

Hi community:) does anyone knows how many wins / draws in the 111 games of Magnus?

YanTan Tetherer

I don't know why, but that was interesting :)

Akash Sureshkumar

4:36 I can’t pronounce his name so you know he’s good.



Alvin John Burgos

Why didn't black capture the pawn on b2 on 4:46 ? He should be ahead of material if white captures queen after black captures the rook, and promotes the pawn to queen, right?

John Deines

Glad the channel survived, these videos have gotten me interested in playing and I doubt I would have started otherwise.

Huiyuan Wang

L0L L37 7H3 !LL34G4L C4S7L!NG B3G!N!! 7H47 700K 4 L00000NG 7!M3. P7Z 7!K3 .

Sampath D

Thanks bro