Ben is the beter worst jokerof all time, man!Your recitation is brilliant.7:58 I never knew pawns could eat like tha.Possitive comments from all tnq.So much time, money and effort to build this thing for only ONE use!Is Magnus a bit tipsy on that corona?Anything sparky in the wood shop makes me super nervous.Good thing i've watched this video.

What was the finish you used?Wtf is "Tunnel Number Blue" Hahaha LT asf.And they stay that way!

Most so-called difficult professions are based

Most so-called difficult professions are based

If I were Ben I would have ended up talking to an empty room as I would have been throwing them out if they couldn't keep their gobs shut.That's 4 walls, not a box.Oo kwxpdsug,ekbaotbwuaszcnynepwhulqcuqewany.Yeah, you can make good money with it but it's not exciting.Thanks again and stay tuned for more!Terrorist Israel!I am the chosen one.

Videonya udah saya tonton semua.Thank you very much!Ladies and gentleman, I present to you the first prototype of the iPod.Actually, even for those of us that have been doing it a while you make good interesting points.Doyou have anyoutlet in Kenya where i can get the resin.Hence, give physical meaning to the equation with unities.Bake 35 to 45 minutes on medium flame.No titanthank you if you need a placein FloridaI havegrouppeopleready it work'slikethatready big time.

Hello TOT, how accurate is the thread dial indicating the position of the lead screw when cutting threads.If only we can get Bog Wood where I’m at.6:01 tignan niyo sa likod parang may poster na BTS kpop singer si jungkook.I mean where did u get the hint.Carlsen is taking the banter blitz seriously.In the last game can someone explain the way checkmate after black king do c8?If you have any questions related to chess, you can also message me personally on Instagram :Instagram.

Matt Garza

This dude is awesome

Swipei Keel

not too hard


Good grief thats a lot of effort!

John Nickolsen

Wow! Beautiful work! I would love to have a whole kitchen full of Walnut cabinets.


Mato, what do you think about g3 for white?

Desire Faded

Imagine if the guy just stood and yelled YOUR SMURFING


can anyone give bandsaw recommendations i am having problems with my current one.

James Harden 13

I dont get it. Who won?

Manbunn McFanypak just a cool guy being cool

You should be ashamed of yourself taking advantage of that poor ignorant man. Three dollars. SMH I better subscribe.


Chess. com

allen harper

Loved how during the trailer you saw things moving around but didn't see any people, just voices and things, until the line "tragedy is invisible..." and the Division Agent showed up.


You literally named Turtwig "wank" in Norwegian

Goose Bagles

not an English accent

Just Me

How did you make that water? It looks gorgeous


7:05 magnus go home and study more good game my student

Eric Mccabe

What a stupid looking table

valdry taufik

Gerakan nya kurang aktif, padahal dri menit 2:00 udh bisa dpet win move, supaya ratu bisa masuk, tpi overall permainan rapih ni anak

Alex Devault

Flip Really took that H-Town shit worldwide. I love being from the great state. Dj Screw would be proud.

Nicholas Lynch

Love your channel

jawad salhi

Nice resolt... Can be don weth less mess.

kaka inside


weston colins

It can’t be 1?1 squared is 1?

Sarah F

"Terra" meaning Earth stayed on Earth, wheras "Stella" relating to stars went to space. Love that clever addition!

Who is winner the last game?

Cng Nguyn Ngc

c th thng nhanh vi hc sinh tiu hc khng