Unbelievable! AlphaZero Goes For Fried Liver Attack

I think she was into that whole thing and I think she made up some of the story.Really amazing choice of songs.I love the idea of magnets holding it together.How can magnus captures the pawn ?I first saw this with Magnus' facecam only and I gotta say, it's so much more savage with both facecams.Look up the trap, you'll see what I mean, and there are a lot of fishing pole-like traps that Jerry plays in these tournaments.There are exactly zero such moments in this video.

I like the idea of using the router to make the triangles and then painting them with contrasting colors.I've made a couple brands from scratch for my local pool and a couple projects to help my son.Wait, I dont know that much about chess, sorry, but doesnt it end when one of the kings is taken?What if queen takes Knight?

31:23 I am surprised that no one in the comments says that they are grateful they are 3-dimensional.At 16:19, CAN SOMEONE PLEASE explain to me why Savchenko didn't move his pawn upwards, and instead moved his King in an almost pointless move?Thanks for the recipes.I wonder if scenes like 7:50 are just him flexing his clamps on other woodworkers.From the way she opened her game i knew white wont win.Made ke badle atta le sakte hai.Thanks for this, one of my favourite songs ever.Thng gii la thng ngu!I hope that one day they will fix that.But i believe championCarlsen will bounce back.

That was totally staged.Tanta dedicacin para realizar tan maravilloso arte.I thought only bastard americans referred to contraptions by a brand name and not what it actually is.WHY DON'T YOU MEASURE THE PINS AND CUT THEM EXACTLY SO YOU DO NOT HAVE TO CLEAN UP PINS THAT ARE TOO LONG?Hotels, motels, passenger ships, etc could also be used as isolation centers.That's disappointing.I'm Dave Mustaine from megadeth and you're not.Maybe one day I’ll be able to afford tools large enough to pull off projects like this lol.For all the kids who’s dad left to get a pack of cigarettes and never came back.

I see so many woodworking-projectsDIY using a planerdrum-sander, and I feel the whole "tutorial" is a bit wasted.Very easy very nice keep it up.What if queen didn't capture bishop, and instead moved to e8?Where can one pick up a set like that?Great skilled craftsman.Looks like agadmator wants Karpov to wil the poll.



Lolly Pop Sweety

it will only work on dumb players


Tihi it looks like periodic table

Nathan Connolly

I think I'm going to quit chess


Siaosi Moimoi


Varshaa Mohan

rook takes f5 should have definitely been played by Nakamura :/


Why does he always wait until the pawn captures on c3 before he sacrifices his bishop?


Natural born kills is great if you think of it like a comedy lmao.

Paulo Mesquita

muito bacana teus trabalhos

Bayram Kelleci

2 ek

Alberto Amato

You forgot Japan


What didnt he go with d5 in the end?


I absolutely concur with the softener for the wood fibers in the process.