Unbeatable Secret Weapons for Black! - GM Roman Dzindzichashvili

Thanks for putting it together.Can anybody decode that binary?Itna dimag nhi chlta mera.Have a blessed New Year 2019!(That's enough)."Please enjoy this".Pawns are only sacrificial when you move them 1 square first turn.This is equally frustrating.

I have a Krush on Irina.Excellent knowledge, understanding, presentation.Now, Im going to mark this an that.This is the first time I've seen this.

Was just watching die hard 2:).I will beat alpha zero one day.But u was not really checkmate because u can take out the queen.Sir can you plz suggest me some helpfull books to improve my game.6:00 Windows did not have glass, shutters were for the rich or added later to defensive castles.And Princess Meow Meow stickers on your tools are awesome.

I made an android game called HyperDarts.A mathematical problem!Can somebody explain to me the quote above?Black then plays Rook to G2.Do you have the chess piece drawings on a website or anything?Magnus’s thought process is so extremely quick, wow.

This is interesting, but let's see AlphaZero play the bong cloud.Paul morphy the great.I hope this was a good game, because I found it to be a useless waste of time (I'm so new to chess I don't even have a rating yet).Any chance you could talk more about shaft design?As far as bad beginner advice goes, some of those aren't bad, he's just being facetious.IG Master Catur Onlien DiReal Chese AhmadFajar1993.Clutching Mozart's Clarinet Concerto, Richard Strauss allegedly said he "would have given anything" to have written it before shuffling off this mortal coil.Bigger takes ALL !Yan ung problema sa mg asawa kapag my pakialamirang byenan, Sayang ung mga panahon na sana mgkasama sila, pero kahit matanda na silang nagkita ulit at nagkasama, kahit papano naging masaya sila at nalaman nla pareho kung anong totoong mga nangyari, hay posible pala yun noh?

Timestamps:0:00 Setting up TileCubes

Timestamps:0:00 Setting up TileCubes

Stockfish took a battering and now is only good with chips and tartare sauce.But you can go and waste your time pitching over and over again just to end up with some indian company who want to hire you for nothing and expect unrealistic amount of work.You cant get it.Dude it was so easy to solve it’s clearly zero honestly you guys just aren’t as handsome as me it’s a curse to be this athletic.Since it would have been a check he could have taken the white Queen.Suva city, Fiji islands.I didn't kno the castling one was possible due to the threat on the rook o.That ending is so satisfying lmao.

Works almost everytime.If you (or anyone else) would like it, I'll explain the whole thing on my site, or somewhere else without 500 char limit.GO lang NG GGOOOOOOOOOOOOO.I believe that could of been a huge contributing factor to his mental decline.Thanks for sharing.

I got tired

I got tired

What is the devonio defence or that thing you called it i tried it when i was playing chess online but then when i checked him with the first bishop he blocked it and from there i did not know what to do.:-) I like this idea and was contemplating something similar.Thanks again for well shown and explained vids.These videos are chock full of helpful tips.I'm a very new user to unity and game developing in general so please forgive my ignorance but I would like to know how to program the slowly rotating camera and a mouse controlled camera orbiting around an object.Well actually i like finegold, but its now not the first time i watched the game by a GM and its not the first time i havent heard how black could have played better.Wow, what a mate, your queens were mating while he was sitting on the 4th rank!Time to put Morphy head on a T-shirt!I stayed up till 1am listening to your training videos.Oooooof thats some bad destruction.

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Love watching Jan, but Magnus and Jan!!!!

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That must cost around 5 thousand dollars LOL.. Its so much work to get to that.

Ravshan Mamatkulov

I sell the value - not the logo.

Cathie Zimmerman

I just love Steve!!!!!!!


So if we have illustrator for making vector images, photoshop for bitmaps, adobe flash/animate for vector animation, why is there no bitmap animation program


there is a male voice that says "In here" at 19:22

Piotr Koba

Having listened to this many times, 'Jack Sparrow' has become my favourite track. I obviously love 'He's a pirate', 'Will and Elizabeth' is great, too. But the former is just flawless.

Jordan Peafiel

que buena explicacin

Honey Boo



12:00 makes you wonder how the first clamp was madethe first clamp was a handthen you just make clamps that are stronger and stronger each time

IBM Rajinikanth

Respected Lal Sir ! You are Unique ! I am proud to say that ! Keralaian

po Ly

Choi thkhng phi cch thng nhn au ak a

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parece eu jogando 8 boll pool kkk no erro uma

1,000 subscribers without any video challenge

Love this series

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Bro either you gotta long nec or that blac shirt ain’t got no collar

Emelie Augustsson

Only people from sweden can do this

Sebastian Pye

these games have even been found in several viking graves, not joking


Keith is the equivalent to Chandler

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like it!!

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I feel like black's king to g7 move was the move that lost it for Capablanca. :(